Accounting Inside The Church [A Story] – Season 2, Part 8

The following morning that I saw my neighbour, she told me that she would be travelling for an official assignment and she wont be back until after some days. I called Pst. Mattkelly telling him that I would be late and after explaining to him, I entered my apartment and locked up.

After one hour, I felt a knock on my window and when I saw that it was Halima, I opened the door and she quietly entered.

Me: Halima, why are you here?
Halima: you couldn’t allow me to sleep all night. I was thinking about this (she touched my OPA- MOSE)
Me: don’t you know that your sister might set a trap for you?
Halima: is she also eating out of it?
Me: Nope. But she and my wife are very close.
Halima: she will never know.
Me: how will she not know?
Halima: she travelled with her Boo. She and her fiancé were bleeping last night when I sneaked to your place. Though, the official trip was coincidental. She wanted to come close to me but I tried to form holy man.
Me: Halima, please don’t let us do it now. I was really exhausted and I wanna rest.

Instead of her to stop, she went to my OPA- MOSE, brought it out and started stroking it and at the same time, she was using the other hand to rub my chest. I did not know when I started saying gibberish. Thereafter, she put it to her mouth and started sucking it….. I stopped her, and lay on the carpet. She laid on me in 69 direction and we started mouth – bleeping each other. She was whining and grinding her holiest to my mouth and at the same time gagging my OPA-MOSE. We were at that position for about seven to ten minutes when I heard the door opened and Ritababe entered

Ritababe: Accountant, what is the nonsense that is happening?

We were shocked because it dawned on us that we didn’t lock the door. I wanted to explain to her but to my utmost surprise, she locked the door and undressed herself.

Halima: Collins who is this ho3?
Ritababe: Accountant who is this sl^t?
Me: both of you keep quiet. Halima meet
Ritababe, Ritababe meet Halima
Instead of them answering, Ritababe came to
where I laid down and started caressing my
balls. Thereafter, Halima released my OPA-MOSE
and Ritababe started sucking it like straw. I was
licking and tongue bleeping Halima while
Ritababe was sucking me. Thereafter, Halima
orga3med and she fell heavily to the floor
panting. I stood up, spread Ritababe’s legs and
started tongue bleeping her. She was vibrating
like a locomotive engine and was moaning hard.
then i inserted my OPA-MOSE into Halima’s
holiest. I bleeped her for some minutes then i
was still squeezing and sucking Ritababe’s
Weapon of Mass Defence….afterwards, i
removed my OPA-MOSE and entered Ritababe
in Canine Style. i bleeped her and i finger-
bleeped Halima. when i wanted to erupt i
removed it and both girls knelt down like
p^rnstars and i erupted to their Weapon of
Mass Defence. After we rested, Halima and
Ritababe went to the bathroom to shower and i
did not know when i slept off.