Accounting Inside The Church [A Story] – Season 2, Part 9

I was awoken with the aroma of food Halima prepared. Then I rushed to prepare and ate the food with speed. When I got to the office I checked my phone. I discovered that I had 23 missed calls from my wife, 13 from the Head Pastor, 10 from Pst. Mattkelly and 4 SMS. I quickly recharged my line and called the Head Pastor. I went to Pst. Mattkelly’s office and I found it locked. Then I tried calling my wife

Iyoaye: Ife, where have you been for the past 4 hours? I have been trying your number and you have not been picking it
Me: ma binu. I forgot my phone at home this morning and I have to rush back home to pick it up
Iyoaye: o ga o. so if any emergency happen now, is this how you will do?
Me: I have pleaded that you should not be angry now
Iyoaye: it is well. I want to tell you that we’ve gotten to Ijebu – ‘jesa and currently I am at
Mummy Marvellous house. Very soon we will continue our journey.
Me: wow. So fast….well sha we’ll talk later.
Iyoaye: call me or send airtime.
Me: bayi n ti e (as usual) I will recharge you.
Iyoaye: ok love. Take care…..oops I almost
forgot. Please help me to tell foreman that he should ensure that the proceeds should be remitted to your account.
Me: (worried) why should it be my account?
Iyoaye: sweetheart please let him remit it in your account
Me: I yaf hear. Ok; will talk to you later.
Iyoaye: ok take care love. (call ends)

Little did I know that drama just want to start After the call I tried working in the office. But the more I tried the more I wasn’t focused. I decided to call Ritababe

Me: Sweerie how far?
Ritababe: the badoski himself
Me: wa je’gba si’di (I will whip your a5s)
Ritababe: I just managed the one we did at your place
Me: you no well. When will you have time?
Ritababe: will you come to my house now?
Me: ah ah! I thought you will be in the office.
But let’s see what will happen. (thought for a while) ok I will be coming within the hour
Ritababe: ok I will prepare something for my husband (ends call)

As soon as I was through, I saw a Whatsapp notification from Halima on my phone “Do you like this? I am Hot and I am waiting” and a picture of her holiest. I decided to call her

Me: Halima do you want to implicate me?
Halima: Collins, I really need it soo baaaaaad
Me: can we s3x chat?
Halima: (purred) yes

We s3x chatted for some minutes and when she was satisfied I ensured that all the chats and the picture was deleted. When I was through, I called Pst. Mattkelly

Me: Pst. the Badoski. I checked you in the office but it was locked.
Pst. Mattkelly: Accounts, I went out ni jare.
Me: tau. Bring something for the Levite
Pst. Mattkelly: mo ti gbo (ends call)

When I checked the time it was around three in
the afternoon. As I was about rounding up and
closing for the day, I saw an alert on my phone
notifying me of a transfer of twenty million Naira
into my account. I immediately called my
Account officer and he informed me that it was
transferred from another bank. When he told
me of the alert and the source bank it is coming
from, I discovered it was from my wife’s
company account. I tried calling her line but it
was switched off. I called her mum’s line also it
rang but she did not picked it. After trying her
number for some time and it was not
connecting I decided to rush down to the
company to see the foreman.