Actress Angela Okorie Shares Photo Of IK Ogbonna Staring At Her Exposed B00bs

Actress Angela Okorie Shares Seductive Photo Of IK Ogbonna Staring At Her Boobs

IK Ogbonna - Angela Okorie

“Damn i thought He was married, and she is married too” some people would say on this issue but i dont think IK and Angela gives a damn. Nollywood actress Angela Okorie has reply those who criticized her for showing off her boobs. She shared a picture on Instagram yesterday of IK Ogbonna staring at her breasts seductively which perhaps got some of her fans provoked and slammed her for acting like a stripper.

Meanwhile, the actress and mother of one slammed her critics with these words on instagram:

”Angela your married, Angela Your Married, is it your Married Ni, handle your ur own Single and plural let me handle my married. Boobs Still On point”