After Collecting N2,000 Bribe, READ What Happened To This FRSC Official

About 12 hours ago, a publisher, Wole Streetjournal, got into  what seem like a drama.

According to his post on Facebook, the publisher recounted his experience with a certain Federal Road Safety Officer in Lagos. He said the FRSC officer told him to park his car, accosting him over a traffic offence.

Wole said although he pleaded with the FRSC officer to tamper justice with mercy with him (as the N2,000 was the last cash on him), but the officer insisted on collecting a N2,000 bribe. Unfortunately for the officer, he forgot his Blackberry Q10 inside the publisher’s car.

The publisher took to his Facebook page to recount the experience, asking his friends what to do as the FRSC officer has been calling him, begging him to return his phone.

”Road Safety Officer stopped me, collected bribe of N2,000 and forgot his Blackberry Q10 inside my car. He has been calling and begging me to return his phone. He said he used his last cash to buy it and I also begged him then that the N2,000 was my last cash but he refused vehemently. Now, it is my turn. Readers, advice needed urgently cos am confused. Should I return it?”, the publisher posted.

FRSC Officer Forcefully Collects Bribe, Lands In Trouble

While some of the publishers suggested he forgives and forget the dramatic event and return the phone to the FRSC officer, some were of the opinion that he should never return the phone. One of the commenters particularly advised the publisher to throw the phone into the ocean and then tell the officer to go find it there.

This is not the first time men in uniform will be in the news. Few months ago, a police officer in Lagos, identified as Aurthur Okeke with ID. No.453255 assaulted a heavily pregnant woman.

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