After Kcee Accused Presh of Hating Him, What Presh Did will Surprise You

– Presh says he has no time to check on former label mate’s success

– Kcee had accused Presh of hating his success in an earlier statement

– Kcee and Presh formed the group Kc Presh in 2002 when they won the Star Quest talent hunt together and parted ways in 2011

After being together for 12 years the duo of KcPresh decided to pursue solo careers in 2011. Presh also known as Precious John is struggling with his musical career while that of Kcee aka Kingsley Chinweike Okonkwo’s skyrocketed. In a recent interview, Kcee had reportedly said Presh was not happy with his success and thus hating him. He has advised to Presh to retrace his footsteps, otherwise, he will have difficulties in his music career. Presh has now reacted to the Limpopo singer’s statement in an interview he said:

“There is no time to even check the time let alone having time to check on somebody’s success. Haba! Come on! That was basically why I didn’t reply when I saw what he said. I just took it as one of those things. It is not important.  It is his life; I had to keep my cool.”

He stated further that: “I wonder why Kcee should say that. I have never said I am not happy with his career. But I would advise him to face his work and stop such. I really don’t have time for such. I am more focused and I want to do better things. I was also surprised when I saw the report because we don’t usually talk like that on the phone. I am always busy doing my thing, but I was surprised when I came back from my travel to see such.”

The duo of Kcee and Presh met in their church choir. In 2002, the duo entered the first edition of Nigerian Breweries Star Quest talent show and won beating the likes of Asa, P-square, Klint da Drunk, Mr Raw (formerly known as Nigga Raw). As part of the spoils, KC Presh signed a deal with Kennis Music (the biggest record label in Nigeria at the time) and made a big debut.