All You Need To Know About Buhari/Osinbajo Assets Declaration Saga

After President Muhammadu Buhari and Vice President Yemi Osinbajo have finally publicly declared their assets, 234Forum recalls how this long-lasting saga started and developed.

Buhari, Osinbajo

1. Start

Middle of February. The presidential election campaign is picking up steam. A sensational document titled “I pledge to Nigeria” appears in the media. The APC candidate promises to publicly disclose the content of his declaration if voted into power.

2. Following the election

Shortly before the inauguration, President-elect Buhari and his vice submit declarations to the Code of Conduct Bureau (CCB), with the latter having acknowledged the documents receipt.

3. Criticism

Social, political groups, ordinary people get outraged saying this is NOT what is implied under “public” declaration, accuse Buhari of neglecting his campaign promise.

4. The CCB also falls under attack

The declarations are in the hands of the CCB officials, but their content is not made available. So the body is urged to release the information. However, the Bureau refuses to do this saying it is not authorized for such a move. calling it an “invasion of personal privacy” according to the Nigerian laws.

5. Court

Several lawyers go to court over the issue. They want the court to obligate thew APC seniors/CCB to make the declarations content public.

6. Presidency makes an unexpected claim

The president’s media adviser Femi Adesina says Buhari never promised to publicly declare assets. He insists that what Buhari did promise is that he would declare his assets in compliance with the law. And the law requires reporting to the Bureau, which was done as prescribed.

7. Never promised, but did?

The six-month controversy comes to an end as both top politicians make a sensational move by finally declaring their assets publicly.  Nigerians, groups commend the leadership for living up to the expectations.

8. The saga is not over

What should have put an end to the controversy, still generated more reactions. A CCB source said that Buhari’s humble and simple lifestyle, based on the declaration, seemed suspicious to the щкпфтшя. The bureau is purportedly set to investigate the submitted document.

Some Nigerian also express surprise with the content doubting the authenticity of the declaration.