Alleged AIT Ban: The True Story From An AIT Staff

This is what Lara wise of AIT had to say about the alleged ban on AIT.

I want to, this morning appeal to all Nigerians, friends on Facebook, pro GMB, pro GEJ, anti GMB, anti GEJ, but lovers of this our beautiful country called Nigeria, to ‘take it easy’ like we normally say here. Take it easy, people.
I have always said that the social media is a crazy place where irresponsible journalism is the norm. You don’t believe me? Just start a rumour on your wall and see how many people will share and even claim they were physically present when your rumour happened.
Thousands of you have shared this message. Let me ask you some questions.
Where was AIT barred from? What was the event? What is the name of the crew that went to cover the assignment? When and where did this happen?
I work in AIT so I’m privy to what some people are not but let me say this: this same AIT sent me to Daura to shoot a documentary on the president-elect. That is professionalism.
This same AIT foot the bill for this expensive project and gave me what I needed for this assignment.
This same AIT is working to see that the documentary meets international and professional standards and is already creating airtime for it.
While in Katsina state, some overzealous aides, friends and sympathisers of the president-elect reacted to my presence in their state. The emirate council? Oh! You guys don’t want to know how ‘God delivered Daniel from the lion’s den’, literally. At a point, I had to hide my official car and moved around in an unbranded vehicle for security reasons, okay?
But this same Buhari was informed that “AIT was on their soil” but his informants got the shock of their lives when he told them to allow us do our professional job. He told them to allow us access to whatever and whoever we needed to interview. At his command, we met everybody and spoke to them. In his family house, AIT was offered drinks but AIT turned down food because AIT was working. AIT took pictures with his sister, nephews and nieces.
I have gone ahead to tell these two stories to show that we are fighting over nothing!!!!
Absolutely nothing!!!!
Whatever happened during the build-up to the elections were for that time and period.
Those ‘aggrieved’ have forgiven and let go.
‘Offenders’ are doing the right thing now because the era of campaigns and lies are over!
After reading these stories, I do not expect anybody to be aggrieved anymore because the principal players have probably forgotten all about what happened.
We have bigger problems on our hands, people. Bigger problems.
Our Chibok girls are still missing, our refineries, hospitals, rail systems, schools, our pensioners, infant and maternal mortality rates, power, security, etc.
Tell me, is it possible to drive a car on a high speed and be looking back at the same time?
A few seconds on even the rear view mirror is recipe for disaster.
Friends, let’s keep our gaze on our mission.
Nigeria is bigger than any one of us.
God bless our dear country!


Maxwell Chinedu Godwin. How much did APC pay me? Wao! You see, young man, you are one of those so called pastors who are our problems not only in the body of Christ, but in Nigeria. This post of mine should have come from people like you who should know better that it’s time to build the broken walls of our country, that it’s time to heal and move on. But false prophets like you who have desecrated the altar of the most High and whose mouths are bigger than their spiritual eyes got us to where we are today. How much did the devil pay you to do his bidding, Maxwell? How much? You haters of truth and righteousness. Listen, I stand alone and represent no one. Whatever I do or say or write is from my personal convictions as a Christian and as someone whose wealth is drawn from the currencies of truth, righteousness and justice. Some of us cannot be bought with money. Do you understand? Your comment, unfortunately, is just a reflection of who you truly are, for the Holy book says “to him that is pure, all things are pure”. ‪#‎Next‬ time, sanctify your eyes, mind, and fingers before spilling bile on my wall. Good morning!


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