Anger trails Melaye’s threat to impregnate Oluremi Tinubu

Senator Dino Melaye has sparked outrage following his threat to impregnate Remi Tinubu, the wife of the All Progressives Congress (APC) national leader, Bola Tinubu.

The backlash on Melaye is sequel to fallout of a rowdy session in the Senate on Tuesday July 12, where Melaye reportedly urged lawmakers to pass articles of impeachment against President Muhammadu Buhari for his alleged disrespect for the National Assembly.

The media reports stated that the senator from Kogi state and other pro-Saraki Senators who met behind closed doors were incensed by the proposed trial of the leadership of the Senate for forgery. Melaye was alleged to have called on the Senators in attendance to fight the presidency to a standstill. But when Senator Remi Tinubu (APC) called on Senators to close ranks and seek reconciliation amongst its members, Melaye reportedly flew into rage, calling her names.

“I will beat you up, ….. impregnate you and nothing will happen.”” the senator was quoted as threatening. However, Senators in her support intervened to save her from the rampaging Melaye. Since the news about Melayes’s rampage broke, the senator come under attack from a section of Nigerians who say he is not fit to be a senator.

Others have called for him to be shown the exit door from the National assembly.

See some comments on the issue below:

Christian Chibundu: “Dino is the worst Senator in Nigeria, his type should be thrown out of the senate without fail, all his contributions in the floor of the house had always been personal, is he a law maker or law breaker?”

Samuel Odoba Ademu: “The issue of impeachment is like a typhoid malaria induced dream, you can quote me anywhere on that. Most of the senators are used to corruption, hence they will always go against Dr Buhari but we are ready to occupy the NASS if need be. The unrepentant Dino Melaye will soon meet his Waterloo since Goat 🐐 has decided to enter the market of lions (Jagaban).”

Michael Abur: “The Senators should prepare for war ahead. If care is not taken there will be nothing like Senate again.”

Ngozy Abara: “Deno is a complete mad man, if I were him I will learn from ex-gov. Of akwa ibom and keep my mouth shot cos if you make too much noise apc will give you,your life history.”

Atondo Victor: “Senate alone can’t impeach president. U need 75% of the upper and lower chamber to come together to do that, by now am sure u’re convinced that its not possible.”

Gbengene Chelsea Baba-blue: “Dino really doesn’t know who JAGABAN is.. Anyways he knows hw he secretly comes to bourdilon road in d midnight sha… He is jst A SNAKE IN D EAGLE SHADOW, I ONLY PITY MUMU SARAKI.”

Bishop Steve Akanimo:” These guys are just shameless to say the least…..Nigeria should abolish this house of commotion and fraud called Senate for crying out loud. This what you get when you gather criminals in one house without a defined job function but you keep pumping in cash to them inform of allowances #heightofirresponsibility#.”

Rufai Eneji: “Hehehehe I see a free for all general beating approaching fast to descend upon these bald headed thiefs soon.. I wouldn’t miss this particular Melaye.. I really want to lay my hands on this guy’s head.”

Oladapo Misbau Kunle Arinobe: “Very funny! Most of those supporting Dino and Buhari impeachment are ibos while those supporting Buhari and Tinubu are Hausas and Yorubas. The last time I checked, two is greater than one. Igbos have lost again like they lost Jonathan’s second term bid. Lol!.”

Yusuf Abdullahi Wase: “Dino melaye is the must stupid senator in the history of Nigeria ,how can a reasonable man fight a woman? If Dino wants to fight he should face a man , Though he is an idiot that support corruption in all forms. So Also the senate should wake up to it responsibility of been a law making body so as Nigeria will be great again,

However, PMB should equally allow all governments institution to do their work without interference, I have hope that PMB will be a good President for Nigeria ,therefore call all affected persons to order for reconciliation and forgiveness.”

Mohammed Ibn Mohammed: “Yes,there could be impeachment of a sitting president in Nigeria but certainly that President is not yet elected. PMB has our solid support, people can only wail and wail but impeachment? No.You can only impeach an unpopular President, our legislators can dish out threats of impeachment to extort money from corrupt politicians that came through the back door but PMB is not one of those disgraced politicians whose intentions are to line their pockets for their children and cronies.”

Adams Jonah: “Dino menace should not be taken seriously,he should be regarded as either a mad man or a former mad man…and he should please leave Apc for us with immediate alacrity.”

Afolayan Oladele: “I don’t blame those agitating for Republic of Biafra, Nigeria leaders have no vision, can you imagine kindergarten Nigeria senator threatening to beat up a woman on the floor. Nothing work in this country again and the next thing is to reconsider our stance.”

Divine David Don: “Senegalese has gone far by scraping out this hoodlums called senators, yes let us pursue this group of 419ners out of our country otherwise the worst will happen in that their double cross house of stealing our money for free. Melaye want to commit fornication and he boldly said it and some people are clapping hands for him, if he start with Tinubu’s wife then he will do it with so many women in the country. Hey sinnerstors na wa oh. I dey laugh una now cancer, high blood, kidney stones, and other sickness never start una na after when EFCC enter for una sickness go come, criminals.”

Comr Hassan Aliu: “It is because of the lack of focus the people of kogites lack in presenting a credible representative right from the oneset of democracy. Dino has always been a bad fellow right frm his university days, these is a man who once fought at d green hollow chamber in the 6th senate yet dey stil voted him again to rep them at senate. What a wasted slot indeed.”

Afolabi Oyeyemi: “I’m not surprised to read this about Okun trajedy called Dino. He’s a notorious wife beater and irredemable national calamity. U only see and hear him on the side of looters. I can’t forget in a hurry how he fought and tore his clothes bacause Bankole didnt offer him ‘juicy’ committee. He should beat up a woman and get national honour.”

Segun Kadir Elemere-Fanta: “sometimes I wonder how he got elected as a senator in a state like kogi. Dino has failed his constituency. He should be withdrawn.”

Adedotun Adeyeye: “I, an Ekiti man, ‘am not qualified to question how the like of Dino Melaye was elected to represent Kogi West in the Senate, because I have a worse guy elected as my Governor. We can only endure the bitterness of Democracy. Shame.”

Chidozie Chukwudumeje Ukpabi: “Ah ah…Dis same Dino Melaye. Abeg if na like dis Nigerian Senator be I no wan Senate. Nor be dis same Melaye wey impregnate dat fine actress Bisi Ibidapo Obey finish come deny d babe and her pikin? Now he is threatening to impregnate Jagaban wife. Dem take impregnate do am? E be like say we go tie d man oo…b4 him begin target Oga Buhari wife. Dem swear for d man. Yes na. U nor c him head?”

Babatunde Okupe: “So sad,this is the kind of leaders that we voted in to protect our interest and move this country forward.This is what you get when you vote in a former cultist in his university days as a senator,he was a serial cultist in his days in Ahmadu Bello University.Causing havoc everywhere,how on earth will a man say he would impregnate another man’s wife in the senate?seriously speaking,this country is in a mess.Bunch of shameless thieves,their major problem is PMB.All the loopholes for stealing public funds have been blocked,law breakers.”

Ibrahim Sulyman: “I wish okun brother Dino Mailaye willness, even to touch senator mrs Tinubu talkless of beating her and ended his carrier as a senator.”

Azeez Alade Anifowoshe: “All you ignorant Nigerians, it is a dream to want to impeach buhari on what grounds I bet most of you asking that senate should hurry up and impeach the president don’t even have a clue what the process entales he is doing a populist programme odensin.

Dino you will soon know why a chicken doesnt piss. You want to slap and impregnate Sen remi tinubu from your own mouth? You will wish you hadn’t said that? I weep for you and your colleagues that chose the part of going to war with the government of the people. Those Nigerians with a contrary view on this matter are entitled to their own opinions, however, one must never argue with stupidity such as Dino’s.” Mewnwhile, the All Progressives Congress national leader Bola Tinubu has said the battle-line is drawn between him and Melaye, who allegedly used unprintable words on his wife during the session.

He also declared that Melaye had begun a journey to his political end. On his part, Melaye on Wednesday, July 13, said reports that he was planning to initiate impeachment proceeding against President Muhammadu Buhari were not true. He described the impeachment plot as “falsehood” that emanated from those who didn’t want Nigeria to progress unless they were in power.