Anti-Corruption War: Buhari Tells Lawyers Not To Defend Corrupt Clients

Nigeria’s President, Muhammdu Buhari has pleaded with legal practitioners in the country not to defend corrupt Nigerians as clients but to expose them. 

President Buhari speaking at the opening of the 55th Annual General Conference of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) in Abuja on Sunday, August 23, said that exposing all types of crimes was the only way to arrest corruption and restore the glory of the land.

According to Vanguard, he said that legal profession would achieve more credibility if the members of the bar and the bench uphold their professional ethics.

He said: “As you all know by now, this administration has taken on the challenge of improving security, fighting corruption and revamping the economy, among many others.

The fight against corruption is in reality a struggle for the restoration of law and order. Corruption and impunity become widespread when disrespect for law is allowed to thrive in society. Disrespect for law also thrives when people get away with all sorts of shady deals and the court system is somehow unable to check them.”

“Ability to manipulate and frustrate the legal system is the crowning glory of the corrupt and, as may be expected, this has left many legal practitioners and law courts tainted in an ugly way. I believe, should be your role as legal practitioners, in helping us back to the path of rectitude, he added.

Meanwhile the president and All Progressive Congress (APC) leadership have reportedly refused to accept the apologies of the Senate President, Bukola Saraki.

Report say that Saraki is trying to find the ways to bury the hatchet of cold war with the leadership of the party and the president after he hijacked the key positions in the Senate on June 9 with help of some PDP members.