APC Official Writes To Buhari Over Saraki’s Case – READ

The legal move against Senate president Bukola Saraki seems to have polarized members of the All Progressives Congress.

This became evident after Timi Frank, APC deputy national publicity secretary, wrote an open letter to President Muhammadu Buhari, who is yet to speak up on the issue.

The letter as of September 19 titled “Urgent Need to End This Impunity against Saraki” was published by Post Nigeria. It contains a call to the president to intervene before the political crisis has started within the party.

Timi urged Saraki’s detractors to let him continue doing his work in the interest of Nigeria.

Recall that the Senate leader was filed with 13-count charge of public funds looting by the Code of Conduct Bureau Tribunal. He, however, failed to appear in court on Friday. The saga continues and it is expected that the police receives a warrant for Saraki’s arrest next week.

See the extracts from Timi’s open letter to Buhari below:

“Mr President, it is worthy to note that Saraki in recent times has been treated as an outcast. This is very bad development which if not carefully managed will consume the All Progressives Congress and doom our democracy. What has happened unfortunately does not reflect the change we promised Nigerians.

“Is Senator Saraki the only former governor in Nigeria? Are there no other former governors especially from the South West and other zones that are not just enjoying their booty but are integral part of the government? Yes, Saraki is not the anointed candidate for the Senate presidency, but his colleagues elected him. So, why don’t we allow him some peace to deliver on the promises of change?

“Mr President, the executive needs the legislature; hence, the relationship must be cordial because if this situation is not properly managed, Nigerians will be disappointed in us as a party, a development that portends unfavorable results when we go to the polls in 2019.

“As far as Nigerians are concerned, it is very difficult to convince them that this orchestrated onslaught against Saraki is not a case of witch hunt. Nigerians are more politically aware now than ever.

“Sir, you need to act to stop some of these people hiding under your good name to perpetuate this grievous evil. The begging for an answer is: If Saraki were not the Senate president, would all these acts of intimidation and maltreatment be visited on him?

“Please, kindly intervene in good time to stop this apparent political persecution as some few people are now hiding under your name to reap political dividends from this impunity.

“We cannot afford to suffer from the conspiracy of silence at this time because as they say, evil thrives when good people keep quiet. It may be Saraki’s turn today, but it could be anybody tomorrow…”

“I also want to appeal to all Nigerians to pray for senate president; Dr. Senate President Abubakar Saraki in this trying period as I have no doubt that he is one of the few patriotic Nigerians with so much in stock for this country.”

It was reported earlier today that the embattled Senate president had relocated from the residence to the guest house. Source disclosed the move is linked with safety and security reasons.