Are Your Days Unorganized? See 10 Ways To Get Things Done Faster

1. Wake up early. Start working on things before people and distractions even wake up.

2. Make a list. Write your tasks down so you have a plan of action throughout the day.

3. Limit your time. You take exactly the amount of time you give yourself to complete tasks. Set a deadline.

4. Treat yo’ self. Reward progress. Treat yourself every time you check items off your list.

5. Pick up the pace. Work faster. Try to get things done quicker.

6. Limit distractions. Don’t leave the TV on in the background. Concentrate on one task at a time.

7. Ignore the unnecessary. Try to limit the tasks you need to do. If it is not necessary, ignore it.

8. Start at the beginning. Break your tasks down, and start with the simplest, easiest step you can think of. Just get the ball rolling.

9. Batch. Batch tasks together to be completed at the same time. Do you have to go to the store? Might as well pick up the dry cleaning on your way back.

10. Delegate. You only have so much time. Pay someone to handle tasks for you.

Add yours if you feel it’s needful and helpful.

By Ordinary9jaGuy

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