Awful Story Of How Primary School Teacher Was Caught Sucking Pupil’s Private Part In Ogun State.

A teacher was caught in the act, just yesterday, July 12th, 2016 in one of the Schools (name withheld) in Unity, Igbala, Sango Otta, sucking the private part of a 8 years old pupil after School hours.

The story was shared with KFB who reported that Parents around there virtually beat the teacher to death before he was handed to the Police.

KFB reports:

It was found after further investigation that he was used to doing it from his former place of work where he was staying with a Pastor’s brother. He was sent out of the Pastor brother’s house after he was caught one night sucking the man’s genitals.

The 8 year old boy spoke with eye witnesses revealing that the teacher has been sucking his genitals for months now after school hours before his mum often showed up to pick him up.

The first time it happened, the young boy revealed that the teacher threatened to beat him mercilessly if he told anybody so he has been keeping quiet since then.

He was however caught yesterday when a Parent was walking round the School and was hearing the sob of a child from one of the classes. The parent raised an alarm and exposed the teacher. When the Mother of the Boy arrived in the School, she burst into tears and cursed the teacher.

The teacher is right now in the Sango Otta police custody.