AWMC 2015 Poised To Address Waste Management Challenges In Nigeria

From the last decade, the sustainability issues of both management and treatment of solid wastes constitute the heart of a problem which is yet to be embraced by many countries.

Waste Dump

Chief Ken Edike, a Waste management expertise aptly stated that “the concept of ‘wastes as misplaced resources’ is already conceived, but the realization in a systematic way around the world is yet to begin.
Edike, while addressing the importance of effective utiliation of resources like waste highlighted that “time is crucial and humans are stamping their authority and challenging the resilience of Mother Nature, knowingly or unknowingly”

It is undoubtable that there are lots of untapped waste management opportunities and gains in Africa.

In view of the above will the African Waste Management Conference 2015 seek to identify Waste management challenges and proffer handy solutions to modern waste management methods.

Chief Edike who also doubles at the CEO of Waste Matters Nigeria Limited, said that “Solid waste management is a collective effort and will be efficient and sustainable if stakeholders understand their own responsibility and accountability of preserving the environment for our future generations and this is what the Conference ultimately aims for.”

According to him, “In the African region, where most countries have highest per capita waste generation in the world, the scale of the challenge faced by civic authorities is even greater. Rapid industrial growth especially in the energy industry, construction boom, increasing population and rapid urbanization have all contributed to this escalating waste problem.

Preliminary estimates put the total volume of solid waste generated in the region at around 120 million tons per year. This event thus, aims to present innovative and sustainable solutions for all types of municipal, industrial and medical wastes.

“It will provide a distinctive opportunity for all the national and international exhibitors to network and put on display the most recent equipment, services, solutions and technologies in the waste and recycling industry on a single platform.

“Importantly, government and other stake holders can use the forum to address key issues, so that at the end of the exhibition, participants and all stakeholderswill use opportunities created for planning, good governance and promotion of trade and services. It is a must attend exhibition cum awards for waste management companies, owners of materials recycling facilities and local authorities as well as personnel responsible for their organization’s recycling and waste management.”

The summit which will be hosting over a hundred exhibitors from over 20 countries will be held in the Exhibition Hall of the Landmark Centre, Victoria Island, from 21 to 23 October, 2015. Over 50 categories will be covered with a resolve to ensure a healthy environment through effective waste management and sanitation.