Boko Haram: Man Who Disguised Like Woman Arrested In Chad (PHOTOS)

Boko Haram Leader

A man  who is suspected to be a Boko Haram member who and reportedly on suicide mission has been  arrested by the Chadian military in N’djamena the Chad capital city.

The suspect.


The suspect being interrogated by security operative.

This arrest is coming one day after a man who also disguised like a woman was reported said to have denoted bomb killing 14 people near a market.It was gathered the man was arrested near the market where Boko Haram suicide bomber has earlier struck.

There have been increasing case of suicide bombings in Chad which are  linked to Boko Haram following the country partnership with Nigeria in helping to  flush the sects from Nigeria.

The Chadian authority had earlier banned the wearing of full face veil after a suicide bombing  close to military facility in the capital.

Boko Haram sects are now using new strategy of concealing their identity using women clothing and face veil to disguise as woman and also using young ladies who were said to hid the bombs in their belly region.

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