Boko Haram Militants Disguised As Women Bomb Maiduguri, Many Killed

Three suicide bombers disguised as women have disrupted the Independence Day celebration in Maiduguri on Thursday, October 1, as they set off bombs killing many residents.

According to reports from Maiduguri, the three suicide bombers suspected to be Boko Haram militants carried out the attacks in Sageri and Ajilari areas of Maiduguri, killing and injuring many. The exact number of victims is yet to be confirmed.

Reports from the scene indicated that the simultaneous explosions occurred at about 7.30pm.

Military personnel of the 7th Division reportedly responded to the blasts with artillery fire, forcing residents of the areas to run from the scene into the main city for safety.

According to reports from the scene at Sageri, the suicide bombers came on tricycles. One of them approached a popular public gathering near a tea seller joint, setting off the bomb, while another suicide bomber set off a bomb in a mosque, both killing scores of people.

Meanwhile, the third suicide bomber failed to diffuse his explosive device and when caught he was severely beaten by an angry mob.

Those that witnessed the incident in Maiduguri informed the press that the suicide bombers were males disguised in female dresses.

Colonel Tukur Gusau of the 7th Division told the press that troops were immediately deployed to the scene but he declined to give any further details, including the exact number of casualties.

Multiple explosions rocked Maiduguri, the capital of Borno state, on Sunday, September 20, reportedly leaving scores of people dead and many others injured.

The attack was launched at Ajilari railway cross in Gomari Airport ward of Maiduguri metropolis. The assault was believed to have been carried out by suicide bombers who simultaneously detonated the explosives around 7.38pm. The last explosion was heard about 8pm.