BREAKING: Governor El Rufai & Deputy Cut Their Own Salaries By 50%

Immediately after being sworn in as Kaduna State 22nd Goovernor, by the Chief Justice of Kaduna state, Justice Tanimu Zailani by 10:15am Friday, Mallam Nasir El Rufai addressed the state and said he was contributing 50% of his salary and allowances to Kaduna as a mark of his sacrifice. He said that his deputy, Arc. Balla Barnabas Bantex had also agreed to make the same sacrifice.

He however warned that it was a gesture he would also expect from  citizens of the state when called upon to do so.

El Rufai who spoke to a huge crowd at the Murtala Square, Kaduna, also informed the gathering that the situation of Kaduna state which he had inherited was tragically backward. He however said he was going to give in his best.

Reads part of El Rufai’s speech: “Kaduna State is in a difficult situation. As soon as we have all the facts in coming weeks, we shall lay bare to you just how deep a hole we have dug ourselves in the past several years. But this much we already know.

“Our finances are a shambles. Kaduna is the second most indebted state in our country. Our state is staggering under the weight of billions of naira in debt and other liabilities. As we all know, merely by walking the streets or seeing our neighbors everyday, the state of our state is abysmal. Our schools and hospitals, our roads and bridges, our villages, towns and cities, all are markers of backwardness.

“Too many of our children are hungry and in rags and in the street. Our society is divided along religious and ethnic lines. Worse still, our state cannot stand on its own feet. We have become a state of beggars, a condition of dependency that is an affront to our dignity and our humanity.

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