Buhari Is Destroying The Nation – ADC Chairman Laments

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Some Nigerians are beginning to fear for the current administration and this due to their obvious lack of coordination and numerous complaints that fill the media.

One of such Nigerian is Chief Ralph Okey Nwosu, the National Chairman of the African Democratic Congress (ADC).

Chief Nwosu has bashed President Muhammadu Buhari for certain unnecessary complaints he has made since he was sworn into office as the Commander-in-Chief.

Only a few days back, President Buhari accused the immediate past government led by Goodluck Jonathan of looting the country’s treasury.

Reacting to this, the ADC chieftain expressed his dismay over the continuous growling of President Buhari and his party regarding the inheritance of an empty coffer.

In a recent interview with newsmen, Nwosu noted that no excuse would be good enough if Buhari failed to perform what they had promised the people.

He said: “They ought to have known the state of the economy before and during their campaigns.”

The complaints coming from Aso Rock recently are laughable.” he added.

“My advice to the government is, stop the complaints, face the work.

“The APC government is inadvertently causing more destruction to Project Nigeria,” Nwosu stressed.

He went on to say that the APC asked for the job and the Nigerian people rewarded them with their votes.

“Whatsoever Buhari sees there, was what Jonathan was grappling with when he was there.

“It is self-indicting if they claim not to know what they campaigned for

“Nigeria has varied assets for the government to concentrate on, we are not all corrupt,” he said to rebuff Buhari’s claim.In the interim, an aide of President Buhari has said that the commander-in-chief will not intervene nor meddle into the catastrophic affairs of the National assembly.

It will be recalled that just yesterday, there was a show of shame at the house of representatives.

The legislators of the 8th parliament seem very disorganized, putting their own interest before that of the people.

Many are beginning to lose faith in the current dispensation, and the question remains; is it too early to judge?

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