Buhari Is Encouraging Corruption By His Appointments – Group Insists

The Civil Liberties Organisation (CLO) on Tuesday, September 1, explained why President Muhammadu Buhari’s appointments only encouraged corruption in the country.

The body made its position know through the statement signed by its president, Igho Akeregha, and executive director, Ibuchukwu Ezike, Vanguard reports.

The CLO lamented that with the 30 sensitive political appointments made so far, there is a wide gap between the North and the South, men and women, Christians and Muslims. The organisation urged the presidency to review the appointments and ensure wise exercise based on common respect and the principle of federal character.

The body insisted that corruption is not only stealing, but also violation of the law, and abuse of human rights, hinting that the current appointments are against the Constitution.

See the extracts from the statement below:

“CLO, as Nigeria’s largest and foremost Pan-Nigerian human rights organisation, after due study of the entire exercise, agrees with the school of thought which describes the appointments as sectional, unacceptable and an act that would promote division, encourage acrimony and condone denial of sense of belonging to certain sections of the Federation. Reactions also show that the appointments will open more wounds in the country rather than heal any.

“It is also a gross affront, violation and denigration of the provisions of the 1999 Constitution as amended, the African Charter on Human & Peoples Rights and a development which infringes on human rights and has grave consequences for peace, justice and respect for the rule of law and due process…

“…We view the abuse of the Constitution and due process as a huge infraction on human rights and a promotion of corruption because, for us, corruption does not only mean stealing public funds but includes violation of the law, impunity and abuse of the human rights.

“A government that is reputed to be fighting corruption must as a matter of fact, respect the laws and run away from tilting towards executive lawlessness that is not an attribute of democracy and democratic norms…

“… We urge President Buhari to cancel all the appointments that he has made so far, including Obasanjo’s, and discontinue further relationship with any Nigerian seen to have looted our country in any form.

“Continued romance with these persons would thicken the people’s suspicion in the fight against graft and may cause the anti-corruption war to seem as if it were discriminatory and selective and targeted against few people.

Meanwhile Buhari, speaking on Tuesday at the opening session of the 45th Annual Accountants Conference and 50th Anniversary celebration of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria, once again reiterated his commitment to fighting corruption in Nigeria.

In the earlier comments about the appointments made so far, the presidency dismissed allegations of Buhari’s plan to run the northern government. The authorities assured Nigerians that many more appointments were coming and no region of the country would be neglected.