Buhari Strikes Again, Find Out What He Did

Nigeria’s president, Muhammadu Buhari, has ordered the reduction of Nigeria’s foreign missions abroad.


According to reports by Nation, Permanent Secretary of the ministry of foreign affairs, Amb. Paul Bulus Lolo said due to the economy situation of the country, the nation must reduce the present 119 missions abroad.

“We also talked about the state of our embassies abroad. All of these in the context of what Nigeria aspires to be at home, in the sub-region, in the continent and across the globe.

“Mr. President asked the ministry to be realistic in terms of our representation abroad. We have 119 missions. He asked the questions whether we need to have that number or we rationalized based on our capacity. Right now, the economy is looking down. We are trying to revive and revamp. It is a matter of time.

“The specific directive that he has given is that a committee be formed to look at the whole issue of our representation abroad, the size and the number of missions on whether or not the number should remain the same or we do something about those numbers.”

He however failed to reveal when it would announce the reduction in the foreign mission.

“That will be done as soon as possible. No specific time frame, but he said the sooner, the better. Action needs to be taken.”