Buhari’s government is deceiving us! Reactions trail attack on Boko Haram leader Shekau

In the early hours of Tuesday, August 23, new broke that the a raid by the Nigerian Air Force (NAF) had left the commander of Boko Haram sect fatally injured.

According to the post, the embattled leader of the Boko Haram Haram terrorists suffered a fatal injury.

Nigerians react to the fatal injury reportedly inflicted on Abubakar Shekau following a raid by the Nigerian Air Force.

A statement by the army reveals that some other Boko Haram terrorists commanders were confirmed dead and they include: Abubakar Mubi, Malam Nuhu and Malam Hamman, amongst others.

In the wake of the development, Nigerians have taken to social media in reaction to the seeming uncertainties surrounding stories of Boko Haram’s Abubakar Shekau and the terrorist leader’s state of health. Paul Olajide Obateru said: “Only God knows when our gov will stop decieving us, BH technicaly defeaated, shekau deade, shAkeu seriously injured. Dis lies from d gov shows their iresponsibility and unreliable.” Dennison Origbo asked a question saying: “Is this shekau a cat with nine lives? How many times will the lying government tell us he been injured, killed and overthrown? He must have a resurrection power to keep coming back to life after being killed.”

In raising more questions, Sandset Ajah Moses said: “My question is, this Shekau as it implies, is it a rank in the boko haram sect or is him an Immortal, I have read many times in the news papers and social media, that he has been killed by Nigerian military. Now he is fatally injured. Pls can some one explain ????” Ugo David sarcastically said: “Fatally injured and he is receiving treatment @ dey emergency unit of dey national hospital. Presidency frown @ dey degree of injury he sustained nd has immediate orderd probe.

Those who carried out dey unwarranted attack on sheaku shall be punished says dey presidency. Dey northner leaders nd Islamic clerics have condemned dey attack on sheaku. In emergency meeting in abuja dey hausa fulani nd Islamic clerics said dat dey attack on sheaku is an attack against dey north.” A troubled Stan Onyi Umeh said: “Today shekau is dead, tomorrow is his wounded next tomorrow he (shekau) makes a video… Nigerian Army stop talking and keep doing the Job till boko haram stops killing and bombing or even becomes history as in dies a natural death… Too much talk and announcement is not a good strategy in warfare…as it puts the enemy on alert of what you intend to do…because they read these news in papers and listen to radios and watch television…” Aliyu Muhammad said: “I don’t knw if the Nigerian Army are politicians. Almost all their efforts were not 100% success because they always disclose their plans…how do you expect your enemies not to re-strategise ..just go on until it is clearly defeated even though such could be war plan..but you (the army) too often open your intentions.”

Sigaloh Ndi said: “What is Nigerian army telling Nigerians? How many times has this man been killed or did he resurrected after three times death? Please let’s not ridicule ourselves. Nigerians are more wiser now than before so stop mystify reality. Keep your information to yourselves. Period!” In summary of what seemed the opinion of many on social media, Ademola Ezekiel said: “Same old story, two times they kill him now he’s injured. Next his ghosts will be arrested 😡😡 abeg you people should say something else.” READ ALSO: Strange: Police raids house in Lagos, what was discovered is totally outrageous (photo) Air Marshal Sadiq Abubakar, the chief of air staff, recently reported about a series of successful airstrikes against Boko Haram in the last few weeks.

According Abubakar, up to 300 militants were killed during airstrikes in Borno state this Friday. The air marshal announced the news after commissioning the borehole and hospital construction built by the Nigeria air force to address the health crisis afflicting the Bama internally displaced persons (IDP) camp. Abubakar said: “We have intensified airstrikes in recent weeks and have had outstanding results. On the 19th of this month (August), 300 terrorists were killed by our night operations.” He also warned the Boko Haram militants to surrender as soon as possible but be ready to face the wrath of justice as there would be no mercy for them.