BUSTED! Police Superintendent Caught Raping Student In Ogun

An Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) in Ogun State has been arrested after allegedly raping a student of the Federal College of Education (FCE) in the Osiele area of the state.

ASP John Mafoya was apprehended and is being interrogated for the alleged rape of the student, who has been simply identified as Oluwaseun.

The incident allegedly occurred after Oluwaseun was arrested for participating in a mob attack against a corper who was accused of sexually assaulting a student, Punch reports.

ASP Mafoya is said to have taken over the case and ordered Oluwaseun’s detention after which he drove her to his house in the Alanco area of Abeokuta and allegedly raped her.

“After raping Oluwaseun in his house, Mafoya brought her victim back to the police post at about 10.30pm, where he again raped her in his office. He then returned her to the cell. It was the girl’s colleagues who raised N3,000 for her bail the following day,” a source at the college told Punch.

“She, however, did not discuss her experience with anyone because she was traumatised. The only thing she did was to cleverly record the conversations she had with the police officer on her mobile phone. Such matter would have died naturally, but it was a policeman at the same police post who gave her the courage to speak up and expose the ASP,” the source added.

Mafoya is also said to have a previous accusation of rape pending against him.

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