BVN, The 666 Mark Of The Beast & Rapture


Hello, recent events in the banking sector has caused me to look into God’s word and know that the rapture of the saints is no longer near but right at the door. It all started with SIM registration, then to NUBAN (ten digit bank account numbers), now we have BVN and NIN without which you cannot transact your business.

It is important to know these are consolidation of data for the mark of the beast which is an identity and money system. I have watched customers queue up and denied access to their money because they don’t have BVN and by September 1st no transaction will hold without your NIN (national identity number). These are a build-up to the Mark of the Beast. You cannot buy or sell without it. Now BVN and NIN are no longer optional in transacting your banking business and the world is fast going cashless. Observing the speed and deadlines given, what will be the banking system in the next two years?

Brethren are we still playing church at this time? Jesus is coming for a church without spot or wrinkle. After the rapture comes the great tribulation, who can stand? If now is so hard for many how much more then? If you have a social network, BVN, SIM registration or NIMC, welcome to reality, your data is already captured. The only way out now is making rapture. You will be treated as a traitor if you refuse the code which will no longer be on plastic cards but on your right hand or forehead. It won’t be visible to the eye but picked with a hand scanner everyone can afford.

This is a call to seriousness to everyone who has an ear to listen. If you are not born again, please do so now by accepting Jesus as your Lord and Saviour and live by God’s standards. For many that are already born again, remember it must be a church without spot or wrinkle, so let go of all sin, malice and unforgiveness. Pray for every soul and the weak. He is no longer near, but right at the door. THINK ABOUT THE WORD. GOD HELP US ALL, AMEN

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