Catch Them Young! 11 Kid Robbers Arrested In Ibadan

The Oyo State Police Command says it arrested 11 young boys between the ages of 12 and 14, for allegedly robbing a house in the Challenge area of Ibadan the state capital. In the raid which took place on June 15, the kids made away with cash and valuables, according to the state Commissioner of Police, Mohammed Katsina.

Katsina said the command, on hearing that robbers had attacked the Challenged area, he sent out a team of Anti-Robbery Squad operatives but was surprised when the robbers turned out to be mere children, promising to hand over the kids to the state government for rehabilitation.

“Based on information, the Anti-Robbery Squad of the command was sent out immediately and they were surprised to see kids of 12 and 14 years of age.

Most of these children are from broken homes and I wish parents can learn from the plight of these kids and take proper care of their children.

One thing that keeps disturbing me is the voluntary narration and sincerity of the kids. They have no shelter of any sort and to them, their future starts and ends on the bridge.

Their only means of livelihood is to savage innocent members of the public, be involved in pick pocketing, robbery and related criminal activities.”

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