Checkout 10 ‘Bad’ Things Nigerian Christian Youths Do In Church

A lot of christian young people are guilty of some not-so-great deed in church.Sometimes, they are focused on or thinking about unimportant things.
Here are the Most common examples:

1. When the pastor starts preaching about some “Sinful” things like ‘Fornication and Cheating’ , you will start feeling uncomfortable because you know you are guilty.

2. When everyone in the church are singing one particular song and you don’t remember/know it, you wish the song ended as soon as possible.
And of course you feel guilty about it.

3. The pastor is preaching against having a crush or having a boyfriend/girlfriend.And you just think that Pastor just wants to ruin your private life.

4. A beautiful lady of your dreams is in the
church, the pastor start preaching that young ladies should be modest and not to date guys.And they should not engage in Illicit relationships before marriage.So, you’re worry that he wants to spoil your plans again.

5. Pastor speaks on cheating during exams.If you’re guilty, you’ll start feeling uncomfortable.

6. In Sunday school, the teacher calls names for sharing opinions on for a discussion, but you’re feeling nervous, because your name could be mentioned and you’re not prepared.

7. After standing for a long time, pastor says “In Jesus name we Pray” , you’re so happy the prayer has ended and you can finally sit.But the Pastor continues, and you’re upset.

8. You were staring at some nice looking girl/guy and forgot you were praying or even the point of the prayer.

9. Pastor calls a bible verse, but you were not listening to him.So, in a 5 second interval, you ask the person who is sitting next to you to repeat the bible verse.

10. When pastor are laying hands on people, you watch how they fall under anointing and you’re so nervous and afraid because you think you will fall as well..

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