Checkout These Funny PHOTOS Of Nigerian Policemen. This Is Only What They Can Do!

Nigerian policemen can be a lot of things. They can be your friend and can also be your worst enemy.

It’s a popular saying that the police is your friend but sometimes one is left to wonder, are they really your friend?

No doubt, the Nigerian police is doing its best to maintain peace in the society and also secure the lives and properties of the people.

Policemen are different things to different people. To some, they are the best, to others they are corrupt and to some others, they are bribe collectors.

Policemen are being paid to secure lives and maintain order but on a daily basis, you see these men involved in other activities.

What a lot of people see on the road daily are policemen beating traffic, delaying vehicles that have refused to offer bribe, harassing innocent citizens while the robbers have fun stealing from people.

Below are photos of Nigerian policemen, engaged in their interesting work. These pictures are not intended to mock or malign the Nigeria Police.

1. Helping themselves by collecting bribe:

police officer taking bribe from bus driver.

police officer taking bribe from bus driver.

Sometimes policemen add to traffic jam when they mount road blocks and delay those who are not willing to part with some naira. It has become a routine for commercial drivers to settle these policemen in certain areas. They try to do it in a coded manner most of the time. About a year ago, a police officer was recorded extorting bribe in dollars from a man who appeared to have just returned from America, in YouTube video that went viral on the Internet.

2. Harassing innocent citizens:

Policeman harassing a passenger, dragging his shirt.

Policeman harrassing a passenger, dragging his shirt.

Some security officials feel their uniform gives them the right to treat people like animals. What can you do when a policeman corks his gun at you or tells you to roll in the mud? You see the way some policemen beat citizens over flimsy things and you are left wondering if its part of their job description.

Security official orders man to do frog jump

Security official orders man to do frog jump

3. Sleeping on duty:

policeman sleeping on duty

policeman sleeping on duty

Sometimes exhaustion takes over and these men have to close their eyes too just like every other human being.

4. Jumping into moving vehicles:


This police officer sure knows how to climb

Some policemen will stop at nothing to get what they want even if it means risking their lives by jumping into moving vehicles.

5. Fighting in public:

policemen fighting

policemen fighting

Sometimes policemen throw caution to the wind and engage in public show of shame. They throw punches at each other forgetting that they are supposed to be an example and people are watching.

6. Disobeying the law:


policeman urinating where he shouldn’t.

This police officer obviously has no regard for the law. He can see it clearly written on the wall, “Do not urinate here” but he chose to ignore it and obey nature’s call.

7. Preventing you from moving:


policemen block car from moving.

You will know the police is not joking with you when they stop you and you refuse.

8. Catch some fun:


policemen dancing

You think you are the only one who knows how to fun fun, well think again. Police officers also know to move their body to the music.

9. Hail prominent persons:

When that prominent person is passing and the policemen begin to salute and hail just so he can drop a little something for them.

10. Getting Drunk:

Recently, a policeman appeared dead drunk in the Amuwo Odofin area of Lagos. He had to be helped by another police officer while a crowd of passers-by watched the scene described on social media as “a shame to the Nigerian police.

drunk police officer in Lagos

The policeman was so drunk that he couldn’t even sit straight.
Photo: Sahara reporters

The police officer below just can’t wait to get to his destination before he enjoys his alcoholic drink and his cigarette.