cHOi! Wife Bites Hubby’s Genitals For Making Love With Her Friend On Their Bed


An aggrieved woman, in Mushin area of Lagos State has bitten her husband’s genitals and fingers for allegedly having carnal knowledge of her friend on their matrimonial bed.

The angry woman identified as Mama Bose sells pepper and tomatoes while her former friend, Mama Sunday, who she described as ‘husband snatcher’ sells fish beside her at Oshodi market.

LEADERSHIP Weekend gathered that at about 10am on the fateful day while they were still at the market, Mama Sunday’s phone rang and she told Mama Bose to sell her fish for her that she had an emergency call from her residence. She promised to return soon but unknown to Mama Bose, it was her husband who invited his secret lover to their home.

Mama Bose was said to have been selling for the woman when one of her customers arrived and apologised for not coming back to pick her clothes which she bought at the market three days ago and left with Mama Bose.

A source disclosed that the woman gave Mama Bose N500 to board a vehicle to her residence along Agege Motor Road, Mushin to collect the clothes.

A neighbour, who identified himself as Chidi Ekeh disclosed that when Mama Bose reached her premises, her co-tenant made signal to Mama Fatima not to speak. She then asked why her friend, Mama Sunday, did not sell her fish but was instead in her two room apartment with Papa Sunday.

Ekeh said Mama Bose tip-toed to the door of the parlour and gently attempted to open it but it was locked from within.

She used her key to open the bedroom door and saw Mama Sunday and her husband, Papa Bose, making love on her bed.

Ekeh said, “The husband tried to beg her not to raise the alarm but she was so enraged to placated. Instead, she looked for an object to smash on their heads. Papa Bose held his wife’s hands and told her rival to wear her clothes and escape. Mama Bose bit him in the hand but the woman managed to escape in wrapper and blouse, leaving her undies behind. The angry woman held her husband’s private part and bit it. The woman said if not for the two children she has for her husband, she would have chopped off his genitals and possibly chew his testicles having proven himself to be irresponsible.

“She used a long stick to bring out Mama Sunday’s undies and screamed to attract residents to come and see. She vowed to destroy Mama Sunday’s marriage as she did hers. She also reportedly took the fight to her residence at Makinde area at Oshodi, where she reported the matter.

Mama Bose packed some of her belongings and left their apartment while the playboy had gone to treat himself at an hospital. Before she would arrive Oshodi market she said Mama Sunday had escaped with her fish,” Ekeh said.”

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