Comedian, Ali Baba Speaks On Why He Has Not Gone Into Full Time Acting

Veteran and legendary comedian Ali Baba has spoken on why he has not joined Nollywood full time.

After playing the role of Niyola‘s father in her latest video ‘Last Bus Stop‘ many of his fans encouraged him to go into the movie industry.

In a lengthy post Ali Baba explained why he hasn’t made the acting move yet. “To those asking why don’t I go into acting, I will say, I have tried. I can’t make sacrifices at this age. All the actors who you see on your television screens day in day out are making huge sacrifices. Because they allllllllll end up doing other things to support their acting careers” he wrote.

Ali Baba also stated Nollywood is being held back by a lot of issues which have held him back from being a full time actor.

The industry is being strangled by piracy, lack of funding, copyright issues, distribution bottlenecks, great expectations from, administrative flaws, quacks in droves, demand for quality, absence of capacity building structures… But they still hang in there. I guess to some, the fame and publicity helps to make up… But when it gets better I will join. Till then let me be learning from the acting greats to know how it’s done and how I can do better. QED” he explained.

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