Comedian AY Shares Lovely Photos In Celebration Of His 38th Birthday

On his birthday, he was shocked by the special and unexpected arrangement her wife, Mabel Makun, had put in place with the support of many star celebrities, the likes of 2Baba and his wife, Annie, comedian Alibaba, Timaya, Gbenro Ajibabde and others.

Birthday guy, comedian Ayodeji Richard Makun, made this known when he wrote:

“My lovely wife killed me with d biggest surprise of my life… who brings your friends to where you are training at past 12am? Thanks to all the coup plotters @official2baba @alibabagcfr @timayatimaya @gbenroajibade @annieidibia1 @fredafrancis @yomicasual @daddyfreeze @lanremakun and lots more”