Commotion In Church As Woman Disappears After Attending Prayer Meeting

The disappearance of one Mrs. Christiana Sepe after she attended a prayer meeting in Oke-Agelu, Iseyin, on Sunday, July 26, has raised suspicion, The Punch reports.

The 55 year old woman was said to have attended the meeting  from Ogun with 29 other church members who were led by pastor Segun Ogunriade.

It was reported that the woman was discovered missing after the members left the prayer ground and were on their way to Ogun state. Their driver was said to have called pastor Ogunriadeon the phone to inform him of the woman’s disappearance and he promised to look for her.

Funke Bello, one of her children said they suspected foul play because she and her siblings were not informed of the disappearance and when they found out, the church members begged them not to make it public as they were making efforts to find her.

“She has been attending the church since 2012, but this is the first time she would follow them to that prayer ground. They contributed N2,000 each to hire a bus for the journey.

“It was my sister, who went to visit her on Monday, that discovered that she did not come back. Others came back on Sunday, but they did not tell us that she was missing. We went to the church to complain. The church members begged us not to let other people know and assured us that our mother would come back.”

Maria Nasiru, another child said the pastor’s indifference was a sign that he knew more than he was revealing.

“When we met with the pastor, He told us that she had been found and assured us that she would come back on Tuesday. On Wednesday, he told us that she would be back by 8pm. Members of the church with whom she went to Oke-Agelu gave different accounts.

“We asked the pastor to follow us to the prayer ground to search for her, but he refused. On Thursday, my sister, her husband and a member of the church travelled to the place, but they only saw her bag at a corner. They searched the whole community, but did not find her. The residents of that community said they did not see our mother. People have been telling us that the pastor knew her whereabouts.”

The pastor however said the children were too impatient as he was making efforts to find the missing woman.

“It was 30 minutes after they left on Sunday that the driver of the bus they chattered called me and said a woman was missing. I told him that I would check around and I did, but she was not there. I went back on Monday when I did not find her. On Tuesday, I called the pastor at the prayer ground and he said three persons came to beg for transport fare. I thought the woman might be among them.

“I also sent a member to follow them to the place because I was already fasting and praying on the matter. I was there last week and I reported at the Ado-Awaye Police Station. Mama will come back.”

Meanwhile, in another development,  Morufa Alagbala, a 26 year old woman who was declared missing for two days was found in a well in the Ijede area of Ikorodu, Lagos.

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