Dear Ladies… These Are 4 Ways To Make Men Find You Irresistible

Often times we see ladies who people love to label as ‘man-magnets’. These women are constantly chased and asked on numerous dates by men while some women find it hard to keep one man after a date.

These ‘man-magnets’ are quite attractive but their confidence and self-esteem makes them more beautiful than ever to men.

Wondering the secret behind their charm? It’s accepting all men for who they are, loving them on your terms makes them more attracted to you.

Inspired by YourTango, here are 4 ways to make men more attracted to you:

1. Keeping an open mind about the men you go on dates with. You don’t have to treat a guy shabbily because he has little money or doesn’t take you to the most expensive restaurant to eat. Appreciate his honesty and intelligence, find his uniqueness. It doesn’t mean you’ll marry or date him, just make him feel good.

2. Desist from trying to win a man’s approval or acceptance. Don’t panic about the way you look, or would speak. Just focus on enjoying yourself on your date.

3. Always look for ways to accept, value and appreciate men. Make an effort to look for the good qualities of the men you meet. Doesn’t mean you’ll go out on dates with them all. It may just be the man who opens the door for you at your workplace. Every man has a value.

4. Discard your one-sided expectations. When you go on a date, don’t carry your ‘men’ checklist with you. Stop hoping for a romantic connection after a first date, you’ll get disappointed later. Rather lookout for your dates good qualities, be friends first before proceeding to the next level. That friendship may do more for you than a romantic relationship ever would.