Dubai Banks Order Closure Of Nigerians’ Accounts

Lagos — A diplomatic row seems imminent between the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Nigeria, following a directive by the country’s central bank prohibiting Nigerians who do not work there from operating accounts in any branch of their local or foreign banks.
Nigerian journalist, Fidelis Mbah, disclosed this on Thursday May 7, 2015 with a series of tweets on his twitter handle, even as observers believe the move is partly to check money laundering activities of Nigerian politicians, a situation they say, has become common.

According to Mbah, those affected by the new policy include Nigerian politicians, students and business operators in the UAE.

Already, he continued, UAE banks have sent out notices to some of those affected, informing them that their accounts in the country’s commercial capital have been closed without further explanation.

Continuing, he said “some Nigerian politicians have been hiding under the pretext of paying children school fees to smuggle millions of dollars into the UAE.”

To signpost the seriousness attached to the directive, all such Nigerians whose accounts were closed following the policy, have been issued cheques equivalent to the amount they have in their accounts.