Entertainment Sector Will Benefit Tremendously From APC – Ambode


The Lagos All Progressive Congress candidate, Akinwunmi Ambode has said that the emergence of General Muhammadu Buhari as the President-elect portends good omen for the development of arts, entertainment and tourism in Nigeria.

Speaking through his Director of Communications, Steve Ayorinde, the APC candidate said Lagos State would benefit from an APC-led government at the federal level.

The entertainment and tourism sectors will benefit tremendously from an APC-led government at the centre from May 29. We are not talking about occasional monetary hand-outs to select artistes. We are concerned about building enduring structures and empowering creative artistes and producers who invest their time and resources in these thriving sectors,” he began.

Continuing, he said, “With an APC-led government at the centre and in Lagos, our aim is to work with the federal government to have the National Theatre at Iganmu rehabilitated once and for all, and turn it into a profitable base for artistes. We can extend similar thoughts to the National Museum and National Gallery of Arts. Those places should not be dead-ends.

“Yes, they are Federal Government properties but they are in Lagos and an APC-led government at the centre and in Lagos State will work in sync to turn those places around. This is why it is of utmost importance that Lagosians take advantage of this God-given victory of last Saturday to vote to retain APC in Lagos State. We have waited for 16 years for this to happen and we shouldn’t blow it now,” Ambode said.

He added that one of his proposed flagship programmes, Project T.H.E.S.E, aims at harnessing the hospitality, arts, entertainment and sport sectors to further drive excellence in Lagos State.

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  1. the government suohld have it’s eye’s open so as not to be duped and further reduce the already tarnished name of Nigeria even further.I’ve already mentioned that African governments are too weak, flimsy and poorly advised, to strike an effective partnership with more powerful countries (in a previous post of Jeremy’s). Jeremy already mentioned the case of the DRC signing off a large amount of it’s revenues from minerals for Chinese constructed “infrastructure” which, knowing Africa will fall into disrepair and abandonment in no time. What has happened to the rail network that was to be rehabilitated? Basic infrastructure like this suohld be a priority. Yet look what is happening to this, no progress and it’s being drawn out to no avail… People are tired of spin or lame excuses, it’s time for results.The other thing I’d like to mention, Nigeria is far more heterogeneous than what many people would imagine. I knew there are people who are Muslims and Christians and those that practice their indigenous beliefs. Then I discovered some Igbos claiming to be Jews, so if you can have that, why not Nigerian Bhuddhists? It suohld come as no surprise, that Bhuddhists do exist given the fluid nature of society (ie people coming and going).

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