Angelina Jolie To Divorce Brad Pitt

Tattooed rebel, red carpet queen, goodwill ambassador and anti-cancer warrior: Angelina Jolie is a silver screen beauty with convictions to match, and a record of taking tough decisions without looking back.  After a decade in the Hollywood spotlight as one half of the “Brangelina” celebrity couple, the 41-year-old filed this week for divorce from Brad Pitt, it emerged Tuesday.


Jolie And Pitt
Jolie And Pitt

The split opens a new chapter for the thrice-married mother of six — whose roller-coaster life has taken her from movie star glory to refugee camps in Africa, to a role as an outspoken champion of women’s health.

Jolie was propelled to stardom with her role in 1999’s “Girl, Interrupted,” taking home a best supporting actress Oscar for her portrayal of a rebellious woman in a mental institution.

She went on to play everything from a fairy tale villain (“Maleficent”) to a sexy video game heroine (“Lara Croft: Tomb Raider”) to the widow of murdered American journalist Daniel Pearl (“A Mighty Heart”).

Jolie once flaunted a decidedly punk sensibility, scandalizing the public with declarations of bisexuality and quirky behavior such as wearing a vial of actor Billy Bob Thornton’s blood around her neck during their 2000-2003 marriage.

Her relationship with Pitt became the stuff of speculation in 2004 after they were seen looking cozy on the set of “Mr. & Mrs. Smith.” Pitt announced his split from “Friends” star Jennifer Aniston the following year — and “Brangelina” was born.

The megastars married in France in August 2014 after living together for several years, and have six children together, three of whom are adopted. But Jolie is now better known for her humanitarian work than her tabloid-ready comments. For several years she served as a goodwill ambassador for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

In 2012, she was promoted to special envoy and has visited refugees around the world, from Syria to the Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda. Made an honorary dame by Queen Elizabeth II, she has been a vocal advocate for victims of sexual violence in war zones, co-hosting a global summit on conflict rape in London.

Jolie is also one of the world’s most visible advocates in the battle against cancer, having undergone a double mastectomy and removal of her ovaries and fallopian tubes to prevent an aggressive form of the disease that killed her mother, grandmother and aunt.

– Decision to go public –

In both cases, Jolie publicized her surgeries, triggering a global discussion about the pros and cons of the procedures as a preventative measure. Jolie said she made the decision to go public so that other women could learn from her story.

It was with her children in mind that Jolie decided to undergo the surgeries. “I can tell my children they don’t need to fear they will lose me to breast cancer,” the actress wrote in the Times after her mastectomy in 2013. “They know that I love them and will do anything to be with them as long as I can.”

Her father is Oscar winner Jon Voight, hailed as one of the finest actors of his generation, who rose to fame after bravura performances in now classic movies like “Midnight Cowboy,” “Deliverance” and the Vietnam drama “Coming Home,” for which he won his Academy Award.

Her mother was an actress who appeared in US television series, but abandoned her film career to raise her two children.

On the other side of the camera lens, Jolie made her directorial debut in 2011 with “In the Land of Blood and Honey,” an unflinching drama about rape as a weapon in wartime Bosnia, saying she hoped to use cinema as a force for reconciliation. Jolie was married twice before, to actors Jonny Lee Miller and Thornton.

Sometimes, I contemplate running for another country– Okagbare

Team Nigeria may have won a medal in Rio compared to the London Olympics where they returned empty-handed. But in this interview with Pius Ayinor, Blessing Okagbare says even without a medal, London was by far better than Rio

How was Rio 2016 generally like for you?

It didn’t feel like an Olympic for me but not because I didn’t win a medal. This is my third Olympics and I have been to Olympics that everything was so cheerful and the athletes were very happy. But for this Rio, I don’t know about other people in Team Nigeria as I’m speaking for myself, the morale was just low. Some of the girls come to me and we talk. Some times when they say these things (about how bad they feel), I just feel like these people feel the same way I feel. Everything about Rio was just low. This is the worst Olympics we’ve had.

Was it about the preparations?

Prior to coming here was bad, I don’t understand what they wanted us to do in Rio. At times you go to other countries, mix with the athletes and you see a people getting quality support. But it’s not so with the Nigerian contingent. It comes to a point where you just try to do everything for the sake of your passion as well as for your fans.

How long will you keep running; how long are we going to see you actively on the tracks?

There are certain things that if you were doing them for other countries, you would have been far better than what you are now but with Nigeria it’s like an advanced labour issue. You do it but it’s like you don’t see what you work for. I’m sponsored by Nike and it’s a job for me, it’s a career. I do have a lot of setback, which has affected me for two years in a row but I might take a break and people won’t even see that. I don’t know how many more years I really want to stay on for. I have not taken any break yet, and people don’t see that I have been going hard every year. I might take a break and come back hopefully before 2020.

My relationship with Onyeka –KSA

The song, Wait for me, by Onyeka Onwenu and King Sunny Ade, would remain evergreen and of course, many years ago, so many people believed that the duo would have had one or two things going on between them for them to have released such song.

However, KSA, as Sunny Ade is fondly called, during a press parley on his 70th birthday, said there was nothing between him and the Elegant Stallion, Onyeka.

According to KSA, the song was just a gimmick to drive home a message for a healthy relationship among the youth back then.

“I didn’t have any crush on Onyeka then. Even before that song, we had recorded some songs together. She was (and still is) just a colleague. She is a good woman. We did that song just for us to teach the young people the essence of having a healthy relationship,” he said.

And even at the moment, KSA, who has many wives, said he is not ready to take another.

“Haba! How can I take another wife? Is that a curse or are you praying for me? I am not ready for any new wife,” he said.

Even as he is not ready to take another wife, KSA said he has a lot of reasons to thank God.

“It is just by his grace that He has made it possible for me to live up to this age. He alone has given me strength to perform. I love what I do and that is why I can never be tired. I came back from the US and I was told I had to perform somewhere and I went. I am never tired and my age will not slow me down,” he said.

And in fact, the juju icon said he is all set to roll out the drums to celebrate this milestone.

“My birthday celebration is usually a one-week affair. But this year’s birthday is different; the celebration will go on till the end of the year.”

“I started the celebration with special prayer from the general overseer of my Church, Pastor (Enoch) Adeboye.  Later this month, there will be a gospel music concert in my home in Ondo. And on my birthday, which is on September 22, my children will celebrate me. I will also visit orphanages. There are so many activities lined up. I belong to well over 70 clubs and each of this club wants to celebrate me. But the grand finale will come sometime in October with a concert where so many foreign artistes will perform,” he said.

About his US trip, KSA said he could not travel to the US few years ago because his band members were not issued visas.

“That was just the only reason and it wasn’t as if anything bad happened. The embassy had technical issues at that time. So when we went for our visas this year, everybody got. We had to travel to the US and we toured so many states for our fans over there to know that it was not our intention to disappoint them back then,” he said.

KSA also used the opportunity to talk about the case he won against African Songs where he was awarded N500m in damages; KSA said he had yet to receive the money from the record company.

“I have not seen the money and I have yet to receive my master tape. That is even more important to me than the money. I learnt they have appealed the judgement so I cannot talk much on it,” he said.

CONTROVERSY: Omotola’s post on Mark Zuckerberg’s visit create chaos on net

– Actress Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde’s  sarcastic Instagram post on Mark Zuckerberg creates tension on net

– Her fans lashes at her for writing such a thing about the Facebook CEO not meeting with the highest followers on his platforms

– The mother of four was away on vacation with her family which Zuckerberg visited Nigeria

Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde Nollywood actress Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde shared a post on Facebook CEO’s visit to Nigeria. Though coming days after Zuckerberg had left, Omotola drew many people’s anger at the post which smelt controversy from afar. Omotola wrote:

“That weird moment Zuckerberg visits Nigeria and meets with Everyone but the ones with the highest Ff on his platform #welcomeZuck or #goodbyezuck ? #jealousmuch 😤 #welovehimthough 😆#controversialpost and #heworeasuit #facebook”

Some of her fans said they never thought the actress will stoop so low to put up such a post. Others said she did this all because the richest man in Africa Alhaji Aliko Dangote called her son on his 18th birthday so she felt Zuckerburg who is the 7th richest man in the world should also notice her.

Omotola and family visits Universal studio while on holiday

Meanwhile Omotola was on vacation which her family in UK when the Facebook CEO visited Nigeria. Read her fans reactions below:

Nigeria will die in Buhari’s hands – Charly Boy

Controversial showbiz mogul, Charlyboy, has urged President Muhammadu Buhari to take the welfare of Nigerians as his priority, else Nigeria and Nigerians will die in his hands. In an open letter to President Buhari, Area Fada said Nigerians are dying.

Read the open memo below: “Mr President Sir, I trust that this meets you well. I know it has not been easy since you came on board, so many wahalas, so much yawa, frustration and hopelessness.

First rule of leadership: everything is your fault. Sir, Nigerians are surely dying and, quickly. They can no longer see the light, they feel the Heat. The welfare of the common man must be your top priority henceforth or God forbid, Nigeria and Nigerians will die in your hands. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Whatsapp L-R Charly Boy, Buhari “Since you assumed office as President of Nigeria, there has been a remarkable dissonance within your government. I wonder who is in charge. Sometimes I wonder whose thoughts you’re thinking or whose agenda you’re executing; while at other times, I wonder if you are held hostage by the gangsters called The Cabal.

“Can you say you are oblivious of the hardship and suffering we all are going through? I remember two years ago when I visited the Aso villa, then occupied by your predecessor. During our discussion and my lamentation about the Nigerian youths I was not particularly shocked by a reaction that seemed like one throwing both hands in the air and saying “Charly, I am held hostage here, I am surrounded by enemies”.

“Sir, are you the one in charge or like your predecessor, are you being held hostage by the cabals and obnoxious sycophants, so much so that our plight and cries as Nigerians are none of your concern?

Na wa o, this is certainly not the change we thought you promised or do we just assume that your words don’t mean much? “Oga mi, abegi check the matter, you cannot ignore the five percent of voters who did not vote for you but whose resources the country depends on as alarm don blow, to cater for the 97 percent who voted for you. This kind “one chance” is sending a wrong signal to the whole country. “Sometimes I just wonder how things can function properly when the formation and the foundation of the ruling party is not based on any sound ideology, but on frustration, bitterness, divisive politics and a gathering of strange bedfellows.

Kai!!! “Presido, this your war on corruption, is somehow o. Need I say that corruption is not only about stealing funds, it is also about putting bad people in prime positions who have neither the passion nor the qualification to do the bloody job. This form of corruption is crippling Nigeria, meeeen!!!

“As I scan through your ministries and key positions, I wonder how come it is full of village friends with the qualification to the post is just to be a clan member. When leaders, out of fear, realize that their lack of capacity could have consequential effects, they resort to nepotism to protect self. It should be a terrible thing to look over your shoulder when you are trying to lead, especially if you don’t know who and who is just washing you. Na so. “My people, simple and short, fear dey catch me for the future of our country. I know that there is no vaccine against mismanagement/incompetence.

Most Naijas may have concluded that the CHANGE mantra was only 419. There is great fear in the land, most people are not sure where the country is headed, and what many Nigerians are asking is whether you feel us, your subjects, if you feel our plight at all. I see so many of my people walking with their heads dangling over their shrinking shoulders, being swept by hunger and poverty in the land of plenty. God are you there? “My people are desperate for someone to believe in, Nigerians needs a Talk and Do Presido, no go-slow for the matter because many things don scatter. We certainly need someone who practically leads us through this pain with sincere action and not mere intents or words. I don talk my own.”

What comedian Ali Baba said about Nigeria’s poor outing at Olympics will make you cry

OFFICIAL 1.7 NGN/CFA OFFICIAL  Veteran comedian, Alibaba, has weighed in on the arrest of the man who named his dog Buhari, saying President Buhari needs to call the IGP and attorney general to order.


He wrote: “President Mohammadu Buhari is a respected man. He is a sitting president. Nothing should be done to discredit him. Just as nothing should be done to rubbish his name. But to all his dogged supporters who are screaming blue mother because of the dog issue, hear this, THIS IS THE SAME PATH THAT PEOPLE WHO MESSED UP JONATHAN’S PRESIDENCY TOOK .

You can not tell me that in the over weeks or so that this issue of name dog or not name dog started, the people who work with or work for PMB have not brought it to his notice. Is that what is bothering this country? How many Fulani herdsmen who have killed several Nigerians have been swiftly brought to justice like this dog naming guy? We just have a bunch of senseless and jobless people swallowing panadol for another person’s headache masquerading as patriots.

Let me just say this one time here and I will not comment on this again. Mr President should cal the IGP and attorney General to order. There are more pressing issues than the name of a dog taking over the times of our courts and heating up the polity. Awon Alai ni nkon se oshi” LOL, who even carry the matter to court sef?

Music legend King Sunny Ade celebrates 70th birthday in grand style (photos)

Pictures from king sunny ade’s 70th birthday celebration Ajomole Helen 41 minutes ago 2581 On the 21st of August, Legendary musician King Sunny Ade had a performance in Houston that left attendee’s in awe.

File photo of King Sunny Ade.

His performance also became a celebration of his 70th birthday which is not until another weeks (22nd of September). He celebrated with his 20 member African beats band and some top celebrities.

The crown of the celebration was the gorgeous cakes which took form by expressing the essence of King Sunny Ade and his love for music. Among the array of cakes was a cake by Ehi’s Cakes that brought intense and pleasurable excitement to KSA. The celebration for the living legend had Kunle Afolayan, Dayo Adeneye and MD/CEO of Saheeto Small Chops, Saheed Kekere-Ekun in attendance. With Seyi Law; who conducted the cutting of the grand cakes and Ajele ‘MCAjele’ Adeyemi as the MC for the event.

Check out photos from the event.


Comedian AY Shares Lovely Photos In Celebration Of His 38th Birthday

On his birthday, he was shocked by the special and unexpected arrangement her wife, Mabel Makun, had put in place with the support of many star celebrities, the likes of 2Baba and his wife, Annie, comedian Alibaba, Timaya, Gbenro Ajibabde and others.

Birthday guy, comedian Ayodeji Richard Makun, made this known when he wrote:

“My lovely wife killed me with d biggest surprise of my life… who brings your friends to where you are training at past 12am? Thanks to all the coup plotters @official2baba @alibabagcfr @timayatimaya @gbenroajibade @annieidibia1 @fredafrancis @yomicasual @daddyfreeze @lanremakun and lots more”


Moyo Lawal Claims Her Big Butt Is Natural

Curvy Nollywood actress, Moyo Lawal, recently  cleared the air on the series of speculations that she might have had a butt implant, taken pills or used booty cream to enhance the size of her bum-bum.

Taking out time to correct the wrong impression that has loomed over her for some time, the curvaceous actress took to her Instagram page to clear the air when she uploaded a video of herself engaging in a series of physical exercises that has over time made her butt as big as it is.

“No! I haven’t done any surgery whatsoever, or booty implants, or took booty pills or rubbed booty cream. You people sef! It was my mama who gave me.

However, I used to do a lot of squats, and yes, I’m back on my workout grind after taking a seven months break. Anyways, the static squat is one of my favourite exercises to do, and yes, you can try it. Please don’t do it if you have weak knees or issues with your leg” she wrote.

Charly Boy Blasts Pastors

Controversial enter tainer and TV personality, Charles Oputa, aka ‘Charly Boy’, is in the news again. He has resumed his usual rants on what he describes as religious hypocrisy.

The ‘Area Father’, as he is fondly called, recently went on a social media rant, calling out fake pastors, hypocritical Christians and people who claim to be religious but constantly fall for the antics and deceit of fake pastors. He claims to have read the Holy Bible from page to page over 20-times,and thus knows what he is talking about.

“A country full of religious mumus. A lot of us being brainwashed on how to worship God as some churches now come up with different gimmicks. It is not surprising to see people attend church rituals involving frantic falls as if grasped by epileptic seizures, feigning attack by the spirits. Yes, most of these dramatics are paid, like the Nollywood actor who claimed that the devil exited his body through his foot.

I’m not suggesting that all men of God are tinted, but out of a hundred you may not find four that live what they preach. Would it surprise you if I tell you I’ve read the bible page to page over 20-times? So I know more than I make out. I know that true men of God do not misquote the Bible.”