Eradicate Lassa Fever like Ebola Virus, Nigerians tell FG

Some Nigerians have urged the Federal and State governments to adopt the strategies against the Ebola Virus Disease in fighting Lassa Fever.

Mr Dele Ajayi, a resident at Ikeja said, “This is shocking in a new year. I think the government should  impose travel restrictions from and to areas currently affected. With concerted efforts, I believe we can win this war the way we did against Ebola virus.”

Mrs Remi Abdullahi said, “the government must not relent in telling everybody through available means that the disease is here and fight it the way they fought Ebola. This is a serious thing and everyone must be at alert.

Photo Credit: Premium Times


“All hands must be on deck and if the tactics and vigour the state and federal governments used in fighting the Ebola virus is directed towards Lassa Fever, it will put an immediate end to it in the country,” she said.

Nigerians are yet to understand the new kind of epidemic this new diseases causes. the government need to sensitize Nigerians on how it spreads and how it can be prevented.