Exclusive Interview With VP Osinbajo Reveals Details On Fuel Subsidies, Corruption, And His Personality


During an exclusive interview with SaharaTV, Vice President Yemi Osinbajo revealed insights into the administration’s priorities under Buhari.

Vice President Osinbajo told SaharaTV correspondent Adeola Fayehun that the administration’s focus would be “security, corruption, and the economy”.

Osinbajo stated that the administration would take security seriously and added that the concerns concerning the Niger Delta are important. In addition, he stated that the administration would be at “the forefront of addressing issues affecting all ethnic minorities and tensions.”

On the matter of the economy and corruption, Osinbajo addressed several issues including the fuel scarcity, and the missing $20 Billion from Nigeria’s Central Bank.

When asked about the fuel subsidies in Nigeria, Osinbajo stated that the administration is currently “undecided about the implementation of subsidies and would soon respond to the downstream sector.”

He also stated that he wanted to see a disciplined government and address voter concerns about the huge cost of government. He added that Buhari would certainly address the $20 Billion missing in the Nigerian Treasury.

However, the questions the Vice President answered went beyond administrative concerns and even into his religious beliefs and personal tastes.

As a response to a Twitter critic who stated that religion and politics are sinful and not the work of God, Osinbajo stated that Biblically, God has always been interested in leadership and tried to appoint good leaders for the Israelites.

In a series of even more personal questions, Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo, said that on a good night with his wife he would prefer a stroll on the beach to a move night.

On the question of ice cream vs. cake, Osinbajo answered that his strong preference was ice cream.

He added that he liked to wear native clothing and is extremely comfortable wearing a kaftan and trousers.

The interview ended with him affirming his status as both a politician and a family man when he stated that reading and playing with children were his favorite hobbies.

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