Fayose ’s Punishment Of Workers: Human Rights Activist Castigate Him

Augustine Ojekudo, a former chairman of the human rights committee of the Nigerian Bar Association, Port Harcourt branch, has castigated Ayodele Fayose and his recent actions.


The Ekiti state governor showed up unexpectedly at the state secretariat to confront perpetual late comers earlier this week. Fayose was said to have ordered the workers to kneel down for reporting late to work.

Speaking on Tuesday, September 1, in Port Harcourt, Ojekudo stressed that the corporal punishment the governor meted out to the state civil servants, especially directing them to kneel down, was not necessary.

According to the human rights activist, the governor’s action was not only crude but condemnable, and such humiliation should not be taken lightly.

“For a governor elected by the people to punish workers, is the height of torture, torment and intimidation.

“The matter should not be left just like that; he was elected for the good of the people only to humiliate them,” he said.

Moreover, Ojekudo noted that the punishment negatively affected not only workers but their children who felt bad seeing their parents and guardians on television and in newspapers kneeling down.

He further noted that the workers should not have obeyed the governor’s ‘’crude’’ order.

Meanwhile, new pictures of the controversial Ekiti state governor have surfaced on the internet showing him checking the licenses of motorists in Ekiti state.