Former PDP Chairman, Bamanga Tukur Reveals Why The Party Lost The Presidential Election

Alhaji Bamanga Tukur, the former national chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party, has opened up on why his former party lost the 2015 presidential election. 

According to Tukur, the PDP lost the election because they failed to allow internal democracy thrive in the party and instead promoted imposition.

Tukur made the assertion while speaking as the guest of the week on a Kaduna based radio station programme monitored by Daily Trust, he went on to say, reconciliation, reformation and rebuilding based on equity and justice are the fundamentals for a true democratic state.

He praised the All Progressives Congress for making all the elements relevant and allowing the their party members to choose their leaders through elections, and allowing the democratic system to prevail for the interest of all.

“The management of the PDP should allow for free and fair elections, internal democracy, equity and justice because when these prevail, people follow.

“Jonathan did not insist I leave the party, there were people in the PDP who felt I should not practice what I preached. Because discipline is very important, following the laws you established, is very important, why you do not want to follow the laws you established and you don’t change them, you have problem?

“I was accused of being a virus in the PDP, and I did not deny it, I told them I am a virus for good governance, virus for internal democracy, virus for equity and justice, I hope that virus will continue.

“President Jonathan could not protect me due to the powers of the governors, the governors are very powerful and therefore, if you do not do what they want, you are done away with and I believe nothing can be done to them.

“I salute Muhammadu Buhari because he has integrity. He believes in discipline, he believes in fighting corruption and believes in good governance because, the only way we can go forward and be respected in the comity of nations is by coming together and carrying our people along,” he said.

Speaking on the insurgency in the North-East region, he said: “In 2013, when Boko Haram element started to show its face, I said to Nigerians, if the country is attacked, all Nigerians must come together and attack the elements and indicated there principles including, strengthening both military and para-military defences.”

Former president, Goodluck Jonathan recently urged the National Working Committee (NWC) of the party to put behind them the defeat the party suffered during the March 28 presidential election.

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