FUEL SCARCITY: SEE How Lagosians Are Getting Fuel [Photos…]


With queues still mounting in filling stations in Lagos due to sprinkling scarcity of fuel, the black market seems to be here to stay except something is done to make fuel available.

Everything in Lagos is done in a rush and people don’t seem to have the time to be a place for a long time especially when there is an alternative. The spirit of entrepreneurship in the blood of Lagosians has made the sale of fuel move from the filling station to being hawked the road like plantain chips. Interestingly, it’s not just the barrel-chested men who are in charge. Women do too!

Whether this is good or otherwise is a story for another day. The pictures below tell the story

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Pi 1: Petol hawkers sighted along Amadu Bello way in Victoris Island, Lagos State. Photo: Emmanuel Osodi

Pic 2: A woman sells petrol by the road side close to Lagos bar in Victoria Island, Lagos state. Photo: Emmanuel Osodi

Pic 3: A man buying black market petrol from a petrol hawker at Lagos Island. Photo: Emmanuel Osodi


Pic 5: Petrol hawkers wait patiently for motorists to sell black market petrol to sell. Photo: Emmanuel Osodi


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