MUST READ: Four Funny Excuses People Give To Avoid Going To Church

In the olden days, a large number of people troop to churches to worship God. As they say, change is the only constant thing, with time, the number or people that attend worship services have drastically reduced.

Assemblies Of God church

Here are five funny excuses people give, to avoid going to church.

1. The church is full of hypocrites: This is one major excuse Christians give. A lot of people criticize church-goers because they expect to see them ‘holy’ at all times. However, this could as well be true as some church members are seen in very ‘worldly’ places which consequently discourage ‘sinners’ from attending churches.

2. The church is boring: People expect the church to be very entertaining. The number of hours people spend in church seem to be too long and they begin to feel bored.

3. No time: This is unarguably the major point. Lots of people are ‘too busy for God’. People who are on work-shift during the weekend also fall into this category.

4. No clothes/Money: This should NEVER be an excuse for Christians to stay back at home because they go there to worship God and not men.

It is believed that worshipers make fun of people that wear particular clothes over and over again.