General Buhari Wins Nigeria’s 2015 Presidential Election

Muhammadu Buhari from the All Progressive Congress (APC) has won the 2015 Nigerian Presidential Elections, beating incumbent President Goodluck Jonathan, today, March 31, 2015.

According to the result so far released here by INEC Chairman Attahiru Jega, Buhari’s APC won by 2.1 million votes, with 15.4 million votes versus 13.3 for Jonathan and the PDP.

The law requires a simple majority or 51 percent.

Observers have generally praised the election, though there have been allegations of fraud.


Analysis: Will Ross, BBC Nigeria correspondent, Abuja

Gen Buhari’s victory is a hugely significant moment in Nigeria’s turbulent history. Never before has a sitting president been defeated in an election.

Since independence from Britain in 1960, there have been numerous coups and most elections have been rigged. Of course in a close election there will be many voters who are not pleased with this outcome but the whole process is a sign that democracy is deepening in Nigeria.

The poll has once again brought to the surface dangerous religious and regional differences and there is still a threat of violence.

The man who has been voted out, Goodluck Jonathan, has played a huge part today in trying to prevent that. He made the phone call when there would no doubt have been some in his camp who would have preferred to dig their heels in.

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The former military ruler managed to win more than 25% of votes in 24 states, meaning he avoided the possibility of a run-off with Mr Jonathan.

He dominated the country’s north-western states, which have suffered most from attacks by Islamist militant group Boko Haram.

In Borno state, one of the worst-affected by Islamist violence, Gen Buhari won 94% of the vote.

It is the fourth time that Gen Buhari, 72, has sought the presidency.

He ruled Nigeria from January 1984 until August 1985, taking charge after a military coup in December 1983.

Mr Jonathan had led Nigeria since 2010, initially as acting leader before winning elections in 2011.

Nigeria has suffered from several attacks by the Islamist militant group Boko Haram, which has killed thousands of people in its drive to establish an Islamic state.

Many voters have said that they believe Gen Buhari is better positioned to defeat Boko Haram.

The verdict on Mr Buhari’s 20 months as military ruler is mixed.

The European Union’s top diplomat, Federica Mogherini, congratulated Gen Buhari on his victory, saying she “looked forward to working with” him.

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Muhammadu Buhari in focus:

  • Aged 72
  • Muslim from northern Nigeria
  • Elected president in 28 March poll
  • Military ruler of Nigeria from 1984 to 1985
  • Deposed in a coup
  • Poor human rights record
  • Seen as incorruptible
  • Disciplinarian – civil servants late for work had to do frog jumps
  • Survived an apparent Boko Haram assassination attempt

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  1. Why do you have to make promises on maretts that are beyond your control, you say you will provide fuel are your refineries working?, you say you will provide electricity are the Dams in good shape?It has taken the Government of President Jonathan 2 years of hard work? with noting to show for it. What achievement was recorded in 2013 that will make us believe what you are saying. As an entrepreneur if i employ a manager and he/she does not give me value for my money in 6 months i will sack that manager. Jonathan has up till 2014 to deliver what he promised

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