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FRSC To Begin Immediate Confiscation Of Vehicles With Expired Tyres

The Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) on Monday said it would begin to confiscate vehicles with expired or substandard tyres. Boboye O...

Unusual Vehicle

PHOTOS: Car That Can Be Used On Land, Air And Sea Created By LASU Graduate

An unusual rocket on wheels was seen by the residents of Ikoyi, Lago state, on August 20. Scroll down to see the photos! According...

Largest Car Collection In The World

In Picture: Meet The Man Who Has The Largest Car Collection In The World!

Money speaking!!!Lol

Patrol Vehicle Crafted In Nigeria

AWESOME; Check Out These Photos Of Specially Made Armored Patrol Vehicles Proudly Crafted In Nigeria

For those still underestimating Nigeria due to some factors, better have a re-think as these specially made Proforce PF2 Armored Vehicles wer...

Checkout Ben Bruce’s Electric Car That Is Charged With Solar (Photo)

That is Ben Bruce's electric car that is charged with solar....

See The Car That Caused Commotion In Lagos On Easter Day – Photos

  Singing and blasting music jams in his 'ostracized' car, a driver and his three Tyre Volkswagen shocked road users and commuters in...