Girl Forced To Marry Imbecile; Read What She Did To Him

Kwenume Ojo, aka Abiodun, who allegedly killed her husband Jimoh Ojo because of her boyfriend has been arrested by the police.

The 17-year-old Beninese wife put poison in his drink and forced it down his throat while he slept in their residence at Apolo Street, the Makoko area of Lagos

According to The Punch, the teenage wife had been forced to marry the 32-year-old retard. She collected the poison from a relative of her boyfriend and put it in his drink.

Rotimi Akinlagun, Jimoh’s in law, explained that the deceased was mentally retarded making it impossible for him to get a wife.

“Jimoh was a carpenter. When he was born, he fell sick and that affected his health as he became retarded.

“When he became mature, we decided to get him a wife. We started asking around for anybody who could give him a wife.

“Kwenume’s father heard and he contacted Jimoh’s family. He gave them Kwenume to become Jimoh’s wife. She had no choice in the matter.”

“She was brought to me and we took her to Jimoh’s hometown in Yewa, Ogun State. He was going there to make love with her. After six months, she became pregnant and we brought her back to Lagos State.

“The couple moved into a new apartment to start a new family. Their apartment was close to my house so I could monitor them. Abiodun (Kwenume) was assisting my wife to sell food at her canteen,”

After Kwenume gave birth to a child, Hannah, she was said to have become interested in her former boyfriend whose brother, Wene, allegedly gave her the poison which she used to kill her husband.

The husband was said to have been vomiting a white substance and kept repeating that his wife had killed him. The wife eventually confessed to the crime and was arrested with her accomplice.

The youths in the area wanted to lynch the duo but were prevented by the police who took them into custody.

Keneth Nwosu, a police public relations officer, confirmed the incident.

“The woman and her accomplice are in custody. The case has been transferred to the DCI for investigation.”

Recently, Funmilayo Tijani was arrested by the Ogun state police for allegedly stabbing her two-year-old son to death in Sango Ota area of the state.

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