Happy Democracy Day/handover: What Are Your Prayers & Wishes For The President?

One thing is certain; it doesn’t matter who wears the topmost crown of leadership in Nigeria, what we should be concerned with is – can Nigeria be taken to an unreached height of success in the echelon of countries.

Far worse than the menace caused by boko-haram is one’s wish that this new regime should fail,to corroborate and affirm all our earlier assertions, projections and calculations. If the country begins to experience good governance, boko-haram wiped out(even if it happens from may 30,we shouldn’t conjure obscure imaginations that anyone has a link in it),& an unparalled investment boom etc.

We all will be rejoicing. Who says Nigeria can’t feed children in school? Who says we can’t have 24hrs power supply? Who says unemployed youth corpers can’t be paid? Who says we can’t become an exporting country? – in bad faith and previous records held, its a No No; but this is a new era.

what if companies pay their taxes in full? What if ports corruption are stopped? What if oil revenues Are not stolen? What if our senators and reps. In the upper and lower chambers(respectively) slashes their salaries and allowances? What if project are not inflated and overblown? What if borrowed funds are actually used judiciously and optimally(considering what happened in the power sector)? What if oil theft is no more? What if agriculture experiences recrudescence? What if contractors don’t elope with funds?…

The set goals and vision of the new regime may not be what seem achieveable today,because we are used to the lie we’ve been told and Nigeria’s poor record of leadership at the top; but lets believe it can be achievable tomorrow.

May be not in 6-months,may be in a year; but at the end let Nigeria be called a nation,that’s one – devoid of tribal and religion bias and bigotry, growing daily in leap and bounds were non-oil revenue will be our major earner for forex. For a Nigeria we all can be proud of,were our fine brains outside see reasons to be part of the Nigeria project and our youths not dying daily for illicit offences outside Nigeria in search of happiness(even in poor countries that Nigeria’s GDP is bigger than).

lets take that leap of faith.

What are your prayers and wishes for the Muhammadu Buhari regime?

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