How former governor helped House of Rep. member win seat


– The daughter to the former governor of Oyo state, Victor Olunloyo has alleged that her father’s signature was stolen by a former lawmaker’s mother

– Kemi Olunloyo also decried claims that the former lawmaker, Folake Olunloyo is her sister

– She said the relationship claims were made by the former governor to help Folake win a seat at the lower house.

Details have emerged on how a former governor of Oyo state, Victor Olunloyo helped a former lawmaker win a seat at the House of Representatives. Kemi Olunloyo, the former governor’s daughter said her father through strategic political statement helped Folake Olunloyo cling her seat at the lower house. She also accused the former lawmaker’s mother of forging her father’s signature for some shoddy deals.

Kemi said Folake, who represented the Ibadan South West/ Ibadan North West federal constituency in 2007 and lost her second bid to Saheed Fijabi, her former special assistant is not her sister but was only referred to as such by the former governor to help her win the election. She said:

“Former House of Rep member Folake Olunloyo is not my sister, she is my third cousin, my father called him his daughter so that she could win the seat.” Kemi in a statement sent to 234FORUM, titled Steadfast warning to all Nigerian media outlets when writing about Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo said Folake also paid one Adedibu N60M at the time for her second bid.

She said: “After Adedibu died she lost the seat as she knew nothing about campaigning or reaching the people, she was handpicked by a King maker.” Kemi also said there have been claims during interviews with  the former House of Representative member that Tokunbo Aboderin is a relative to the Olunloyo’s.

“The reporter said “your sister” others like Ronke Shonaike calls herself Ronke Olunloyo and says she’s my father’s junior wife, she is my father’s concubine with 2 children for him,” Kemi said. “They were never married and she has no marriage certificate to show but of course nobody will know that till my father’s will is read after his death,” she said.

She also decried the prolific spread of fake letters purportedly written by her family members within the cyberspace.

“I only have one 22 years niece, the other is 5 years old with the older one denying talking to any blog. Please always verify anything people send in to you with me before published. Ask me what my opinion of it is, don’t just print things not verified. “My father is 81 years and frail and his signature has been stolen many times. I mean “stolen”! He PRE-signs his signature on letterhead paper sometimes so his PA can write important letters for him.

“Folake Olunloyo’s mother once stole his signature and took it to the Oyo state government to go secure a contract in the past. She cannot deny that. “There are frauds in my family! I know this family more than you. Premium Times made a huge mistake downgrading my personality and brand but it made me stronger in the eyes of my fans. I have dissected the letter below on my blog,” the former governor’s daughter said.