How He Bought A Fake Mobile Phone With Eba Inside

The android hype was high that I was enticed to start thinking of getting a new phone, android OS precisely. Few of my close friends are using android phones. But I began considering my pocket. I want to change my phone, I wanted a cool android phone but I didn’t know which make.

Even though some few I had seen had been complaining of how android phones sucks that data. But I was determined of getting one. I want to join the league of android users.

One Tuesday morning, I was in the class when a friend of mine approached me that he wants to sell his phone. And it was android phone, HTC OneV. I jumped up from the chair I was seating, like a child who his mother just returned from the market with a cup of ice-cream for him. “I want to buy it,” I screamed at him. We negotiated till it got to N10,000 and he agreed. The phone was still clean and sizeable. I love my phones note too large in inches. I got it. “I am now an android user,” I thought to myself.

I began using my new Htc OneV android phone. I love the sleek nature of the phone with great camera capture and brightness that makes picture quality taken so clearly amazing and admirable. Even though it has low memory that makes the phone easily hangs, battery life drains faster and it easily gets hot and hangs. But still, I stuck to it. I so much love the camera quality that virtually all events I find myself, I took pictures that makes people wants to steal the phone when they go through my photo galleries. It made couple of my friends start buying Htc phones. They go for Htc desire series, which is higher that my small OneV. Well, I had no money to go for a higher one. I was still managing my Htc OneV, praying and hoping that God should provide someone that will just bless me with their latest Htc M8. As I was praying and hoping that I got a new Htc  phone, my junior sister who is into event planning came visiting. She didn’t just go empty handed. The only thing he took was my Htc OneV. I had promised to get her a phone but when I didn’t have money, I had to lay low. It really hurt me how she collected the phone. She had been eyeing it for a long time. She took it and left my sim and memory card on my table. Not after seeing her off that I came back and discovered it. It was a blow to me. My fine Htc OneV was gone.

I began strategizing, planning on how to get a new phone, Htc make precisely. I have fallen in love with the Htc brand. And Htc M8 was my target. I began saving money. 6months gone, I was yet to save up to N3,000 for my Htc m8 phone. My education was diverting my money and I was just left with a non-browsing phone. I had missed surfing the internet for a long time. I had missed taking photos. I planned on using my next semester tuition fees to buy my dream phone but I began thinking it would be a bad idea.

I was returning from school one evening when a friend of mine approached me. He said one of his friend was in need of money urgently so he wants to sell his Htc m8 he just bought. I hissed at him because he approached me at the wrong time. I didn’t have money to buy the money. He told me it was just N20,000. “N20,000,” I screamed in surprised. “Can I see the phone,” I said to him. He brought the guy and the phone. The phone was still clean and “brand new” was written all over it. The owner said he bought the phone some 2 weeks back but he was selling it because he needed money urgently. Well I told them that I can’t afford N20,000. The owner asked how much I can afford. I told them I could 0nly afford N8,000. In fact the money sef, is not with me but I would have to borrow it. I was determined to borrow money to get that phone. I didn’t want the opportunity to pass me buy. I considered the incident a great opportunity.

The guys said I should try and make it up to N10,000 and they would give me the phone. The phone would be mine. That was how I began looking for money ooo. I went and borrowed N10,000 to get the phone. The phone and the charger were handed to me. we tested it and everything, app was working normally. I was so happy that I had gotten my dream phone, Htc M8. I never knew that buying that phone was acquiring problems, debt.

I got home and inserted my browsing sim and browsed for about 2hours. The phone was giving me “battery low” signal. Fortunately, there was Electricity. I plugged my new Htc m8 phone to power source and went to sleep. I slept for 2 hours, woke up to make use of the phone only to discover that the phone was off. I switched it on but it refused to on. Unfortunately, the phone was so hot. ‘Chaiii, I don enter one chance. Have I been dupe or was it a fake phone,’ were thoughts and other thoughts running through my mind.

24 hours gone, my new phone refuse to on. The screen was blank after charging for hours. I was so devastated that I returned it the seller. The original seller of the phone told me that he can’t return my money to me. I told him I don’t want the phone again. he said he can only escort me to where he bought the phone but will not return the money I paid to him. Well, I followed him to the shop he bought it and they said they never gave warranty for the phone. For God’s sake, how can there not be warranty for a phone like that. They said what they could do was to take it to a repairer in which they did. Well, we followed him and when the repairer opened the phone, we discovered the shock of our life. Lumps of eba were used to glue some wires inside the phone. Stones and sands were also found inside the phone. The guy repairing the phone said he needed a sum of N32,000 to make the phone start working perfectly. And I asked myself how much I used in buying the phone that I would cough out N32,000 to repair it. The main guy who bought the phone that sold it to me said he wasn’t ready to spend a dime. That means I and the phone are on our own.

I was so pained. I began regretting. I had been duped. I was given a fake Htc m8 that lasted for just about 3 hours. I just wasted my money. Not really my money but the one I borrowed, putting me into debt.


Well, now I have started seeing advertorials online of the Htc One m9 which is out and I would seriously love to have it. But where is the money. It took me months to save a few thousands of naira which didn’t even get up to 5% of the amount of m8. Now the One m9 is out, I hope it won’t take me years to save up to the amount of the phone. And I also hope the one I would get, fufu or amala or even egusi won’t be found inside.

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