How He Caught A 25-Year-Old Man Trying To Molest A 17-Year-Old Girl

At 9am this morning I heard an unusual cry and screaming from a compound next to mine. I moved closer and after a close observation I discovered a guy was trying To Molest a girl. I quickly called on my cousin and I swiftly climbed over the fence and shouted at whoever it was to come out, immediately a young girl ran out crying with blood in her mouth and bruises on her body and young boy came out sweating and started explaining without any question from me that he was only playing with her.

I asked the girl, and she said the boy was trying To Molest her. The guy was a gateman while the girl was a maid in that house so I quickly asked for their boss’s number and put a call throughtto him and luckily their boss was still within the Estate and before 10mins time he showed up and we took the guy to the police station! he started crying and begging that is the devil’s handwork And that was when he mentioned that he is 25yrs old and the gal is just 17yrs old, what a pity!

As I post this now the boy is already in the police station crying and wishing he could turn back the hands of time but it is too late cause I am ready to follow this issue up and make sure he is prosecuted. We must fight rape, abuse and violence against women! every rapist must face the law. Thanks for your time for reading this. And please let’s put hands together to stop this violence called Rape.

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