How My B00bs Suddenly Became Very Big – Popular Actress

Ghanaian actress, Ella Mensah has come out to tell the whole world how her boobs became as big as they are right now.


The actress and single mother of one who likes to smoke shisha has featured in notable films like Educated Housemaids, 11am, Mirabel, Crime to Christ, Playboy, Couples on Fire to name a few. In a new interview with Vanguard, the beautiful actress with a huge bossom talked about lots of things that might interest you. Excerpts below:

What has been your most daring role in a movie?

The daring thing I did was one movie I shot last year where I had to take off my bra. They didn’t show my front, they showed my back, like my back being bare, no bra and all that but I can’t remember the movie title now.

As a sexy actress, would you say your assets have helped you in getting roles?

No, I think I get many offers for roles; a lot of people always say it is because I am pretty or because I am endowed. Yes, you need to be presentable; you need to be pretty to be in front of a camera but at the same time it’s not all about that. You need to be talented, you need to know what you do; you need to speak well and be eloquent. You just have to have talent but beauty is more like icing on the cake.

You said there’s a difference between romantic scene and sex scene?

Yeah, a lot of people get confused about romantic scenes and sex scenes. Being romantic to someone and having sex with someone is not the same. You can be romantic to someone without sleeping with the person and sleeping with someone is not being romantic. Sex is sex, romance is another thing altogether. Being romantic to someone is not having sex with the person; sex is different. Sex scenes and romantic scenes are different, people should just get it

What has been your most daring sexual role in a movie?

I’ve had more than ten movies where I had to do a sex scene or seduced someone. There’s one movie I did ‘Educated Housemaids’ where I had to seduce a millionaire’s son and I thought the only way to get him was to sleep with him. A lot of people think sex scenes are real but they are not real because there are so many people behind the scene. You might think that we are under the duvet doing something, we are not doing anything because we put on bum shorts, suits and all that faking things, acting like we’re moaning and all that. It’s all acting

I think Ghana movies have crossed the lines many times when it comes to soft porn?

What people don’t get is that going nude in Ghanaian movies is not all nude. There’s something called ‘cuts and paste.’ If you’re shooting a movie and they say you should take off your bra and then the camera wants to zoom to your front, it’s not your real breast they show, I just want people to know.

Then whose breast do they show?

It’s not real. What we do is that the camera would say action and then the camera would show my hand removing my own bra from my back and when I take it off, there’s something covering my face. We have special effects directors and there’s this breast silicon thing they put across your breast with something to hold it to just let viewers think that it’s your breast. Mostly, we don’t even zoom the front part, it’s just the side and it’s silicon; it’s not natural.

How much are they paying us to go totally nude? This is not Hollywood that they give you a million dollars to go nude; like Angelina Jolie you feel comfortable showing everything because they give you like 15 million dollars but we are talking about Ghana and Nigeria. They don’t even pay anything close to that. So nobody is showing boobs for real here, it’s not true, it’s just cut and paste and they just join everything in the editing room to make it look real.

What has been your most embarrassing role in a movie?

One that comes to my head right now is one movie I shot in the East where I had to take off my wig, no makeup, no lipstick; they braided my hair and all that. We were shooting in a bush when I saw a snake; I just started running because I have mortal fear for snakes. Then the cloth they tied on me just went off and everybody was around. I saw some leaves and it was more like Adam and Eve thing and I had to just use the leaves to cover my boobs because that was the most important thing. I couldn’t even continue the shoot because I felt so embarrassed

What was your worst experience growing up?

I remember way back in Junior High; it’s funny how I think adolescence or growing has changed my body. In Junior High, I didn’t have breasts; at the age of 15, I didn’t have noticeable breast on my chest and I remember that boys were always calling me a boy. I was more like a tomboy. Then, I went to Secondary School and all of a sudden my breasts started coming out and the boys would still tease me more. Even now, some of my colleagues from way back when they see me now they ask if I had done implants on my boobs. I don’t have implants. It was so embarrassing when you’re with girls but everyone calls you a guy because you’re a female with flat chest

Did your boobs just start growing by itself or you did something?

I didn’t do anything, that’s the irony. I remember way back in 2003, I woke up one morning and I saw something there and I started putting foam in my bra, I didn’t even know I was going to wear bra all my life. My breasts really blew up after I gave birth to my child and I also added weight. I was size 10 when I gave birth, soon after I got to size 18. I was so fat because I ate a lot and a lot of people couldn’t recognize me. Being pregnant is a horrible thing, I ate like 17 times a day and I became so chubby. When I gave birth, to lose that weight was hell

So you eventually lost weight but your boobs were still big?

Even though I lost weight, I think some of the fat went to the right places and I love it. Now it’s working for me. See now, I’m so endowed now and I love it. You could say my son gave me a breast job; it’s a natural breast job. I didn’t have to pay any doctor, it was a natural gift from God and I have my son to thank for it.

Everyone knows you as a sexy actress, is it just for show or you really like sex?

Seriously, is there any human being on this planet who hates sex?

A lot of people pretend they don’t like sex?

That’s the word you said, pretend. Life is too short to want to fake things. Sex is a beautiful thing when you are with the right person and you’re an adult. It is a beautiful thing if you have your partner, somebody you love and you trust and you respect, why not? Sex is part of our life

What turns you on sexually in the bedroom?

During sex, seeing my man’s face is enough for me

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