How To Make Her Start Crushing On You

Yeah, you can agree very well that just as men and women are are physically different, so are they mentally. Take for instance, if a man and woman witness a particular event and you ask the man to tell the story, he would just go straight to the point. But ask the woman same question, she would like to narrate every bit of the event.

Unlike men, women are very emotional; when she loves or hates, she does so with all her heart, though it may not last.
Also, women are very perspicacious in nature; a woman can judge your motive about her just by the way you look at her.

So here we go on how to make her start crushing on you even before both of you start talking. Note that this tactic doesn’t work on every woman as everybody must not like you.

When you see a lady you like, don’t just rush up to her and start the whole bla bla unless you know you may never have the chance to see her again, then you can try your luck. When you rush up to a lady you’re just seeing for first time, she sees you as a desperate guy, is either she ignores you while some may appreciate your courage but may not take you that

So the best thing to do when you see a lady you like is to make eye contact with her in a way that tells her you’re interested in her. Do this like in three or four occasions without saying a word to her. Yeah, she noticed you right from the first day and by now wonders why you haven’t talk to her, unlike other guys. So she tries to know what’s on your mind. She walks as close as possible to you when you meet on the road – she would always like catch your attention and the more she tries, the more she’s attracted to you. She can’t just help it especially if you are a guy that dress well. Now you’ve made the whole thing look as if she’s the one trying to woo you, and to her, you are her boyfriend to be.

Then like a lion waiting for its prey, you know when best to strike. Yeah, you must initiate the conversation, because no matter how she feels for you, she can only show the greenlight and not initiate the talk. So when you start the talk, just make your intention known to her before she starts seeing you as ‘just a friend’ and you start shouting ‘Friend Zone’ everywhere.

Don’t bother about time. It wouldn’t take you more than two weeks to do this.

Note that this tactic doesn’t work on every woman as everybody is not the same, but it does work on most of them. Talking from experience.