How To Stop Hackers From Posting Nude Pics And Videos On Your Facebook Wall

Hi friends, recently most people have been complaining about some unknown people posting nude pictures and videos on their Facebook timeline/walls and on Facebook groups they belong to.

This can be very embarrassing as your friends will start seeing you as a very irresponsible person. So what do you do when your friends start complaining to you that you are sending nude pictures and videos to them and you know within yourself that you ain’t the one sending them these pictures and videos.

If you have ever been in such a scenario, relax cos today we’re going to tell you how to stop those pictures from your wall.
>>> The first and MOST important thing to do when your friends tell you that someone is sending them nude pics/videos using your account is to change your Facebook password. These hackers might have accessed your account through a “phishing” link (we’ll talk about this later), so what you need to do is to reset your password immediately. To see the best way to choose a very strong password click here.

So now you’ve changed your Facebook password, but wait! Some of your friends are still complaining that they’re still getting the nude pics from your Facebook account, not to worry here’s the next step to take.

>>> If after changing your password and this issue continues, that means you must have given permission to some malicious apps to post on your behalf on your Facebook Wall.


It’s quite easy, just go to your Facebook settings, click on “Apps” from there you’ll the list of apps on that have access to your Facebook account, click on any one of them you suspect and delete it. Or to be on the safer side, just delete ALL the apps you see their and then you can now re-add ONLY the apps you trust. After doing these, the pics/videos will stop appearing on your timeline cos the app posting it have been deleted.

So there you have it, do you have any question NOT covered by this post, feel free to ask your questions using the comments box below.

PS: As a general rule, it’s advisable to be very careful about what you click on while surfing the internet and Facebook shouldn’t be an exception.