‘I Am Not Yusuf Buhari!’ – Youngman Whose Pic Has Gone Viral Cries Out

Haaa, the power of the social media…

Three days ago, this photo went viral on the internet.

The picture was supposedly that of Yusuf Buhari and his girlfriend.

A friend posts this on his twitter page, alerting the fellow of his new ‘celebrity’ status.

The young man in question, Muhammad Kabir Hadejia, has come out to set things straight. Although they clearly look alike, he
definitely isn’t the son of Nigeria’s new president.

“My name is Muhammad Kabir Hadejia…There’s a picture of myself and my sister that has gone viral on the internet with people claiming it is Yusuf Buhari, the son of the president. I see news pages on Facebook and twitter spreading the false news. I strongly deny it and would like you to help me spread the news that that picture is me and not Yusuf Buhari. I take this issue very dangerous to my safety and hopefully you will help me. Attached are my pictures so you can compare to confirm I’m real”


Below is the photo of the genuine Yusuf Buhari. Any other Yusuf Buhari is a counterfeit grin grin

Talk about celebrity doppelganger grin tongue

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